Global Airlines partners with JETMS for aircraft refurbishment

An impression of the entrance to the new Global AirlinesFirst Suites.
Photo Credit: Global Airlines

JETMS Completions (part of Avia Solutions Group) has been selected to bring to life Global Airlines’ onboard hard product, with work planned to commence on the first aircraft in January 2024.

JETMS will carry out the refurbishment & overhaul of all cabins on Global’s Airbus A380’s.

With a worldwide track record in revamping private aircraft interiors, JETMS is gearing up for their most ambitious undertaking to date.

The collaboration with Global Airlines, a new player in the aviation industry, is poised to begin, with the initial refurbishment scheduled to kick off in January 2024.

JETMS’s reputation for quality precedes them, and their commitment to excellence aligns with Global Airlines’ proposed vision of providing an unparalleled experience across all cabin classes.

From First to Economy, JETMS is now contracted for the key role in transforming the interiors of Global Airlines’ new fleet.


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Behind the Transformation

Integral to this airborne metamorphosis is the collaboration between JETMS and Factorydesign, a leading aircraft interiors outfit.

James Asquith, CEO and Founder of Global Airlines, expressed his confidence in the partnership, stating, “I have no doubt at all that the combination of JETMS working with Factorydesign will bring to life our own onboard product on all of our A380’s.”

Sitting Down with Global Airlines: A380, Economics & Scepticism
Photo Credit: Global Airlines.

A Glimpse into the Future

Factorydesign has not only conceptualized but elevated the interior designs for both version one and version two of Global Airlines’ aircraft.

The visionary designs are set to redefine passenger experience, promising a harmonious blend of comfort and sophistication.

CEO and Founder James Asquith emphasized the meticulous partner selection process, stating, “We have deliberately cast the net wide when looking for partners.”

“JETMS Completions are known throughout the private aviation world for the amazing work they do on a range of aircraft.”

Gegams Hanamirjans, CEO of JETMS Holdings, expressed enthusiasm about the project, saying, “The opportunity to grow with Global, and to work on bringing more A380’s back into the sky was a project everyone in the company wanted to get involved in.”

Hanamirjans also highlighted JETMS’s recent acquisition of Waypoint Aerotec, solidifying their position with UK CAA Part 21J Approval.


With the stage set for an exciting journey, James Asquith shared insights into the upcoming developments, stating,

“The next few weeks promise to be really exciting for Global. We have a number of partnerships ready to announce that will demonstrate the enormous progress we’ve made.”

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