easyJet Inaugurates New Birmingham Base: Growth Enroute!

easyJet Inaugurates New Birmingham Base: Growth Enroute!
Photo Credit: easyJet.

easyJet has this week inaugurated it’s newest base in the UK, being Birmingham Airport, as Summer growth is on the horizon.

Operations began on March 18, with the airline providing new routes and employment to the area.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

The New Base Opening in Birmingham…

easyJet Inaugurates New Birmingham Base: Growth Enroute!
Photo Credit: easyJet.

The new base in Birmingham Airport with easyJet is set to hit the ground running.

Three aircraft will be based at BHX, which will create 140 direct jobs and support 1,200 indirectly.

16 new routes are also on offer for the Summer 2024 season too.

This will equate to frequencies being increased by over 50% each week throughout the busy period.

Johan Lundgren, the CEO of easyJet had this to say on the base opening:

“We are excited to open our newest UK base at Birmingham today, providing more choice, competition and connectivity as well as supporting over 1200 jobs for the region. 

“This base is enabling us to unlock the opportunity of the strong demand which exists for both leisure and business travel, as well as further grow our share of the package holiday market. 

“We see much untapped potential at the airport providing the opportunity to grow further in future years.”

Adding to this was Nick Barton, the CEO of Birmingham Airport:

”Today sees our growing partnership with easyJet reach new heights as the airline bases three aircraft here at Birmingham Airport.”

“Customers can now take advantage of the airline’s 16 new routes and have the flexibility of flight only or a full package holiday.”

“easyJet has been a partner airline for 17 years.  Its expansion here at Birmingham Airport is testament to the service, quality, price, reliability and choice of destination that its customers have come to expect.”

“We are looking forward to working with easyJet to further grow its destination list for our customers.”

Continued Growth for the Airline…

easyJet Inaugurates New Birmingham Base: Growth Enroute!
Photo Credit: easyJet.

In the last few months, easyJet has been busy setting it’s agenda for the Summer 2024, with Birmingham Airport now a part of that.

They have recently unveiled new flights to The Amalfi Coast from London, as well as Agadir, Athens, Prague & Malta flights from Nice.

Furthermore, more flights from London Southend have also been revealed by the orange airline.

It’s examples like this which highlight the growth plans that easyJet have not just in the UK, but around Europe too.

Andy Street, the Mayor of the West Midlands had this to say on the growth for Birmingham Airport:

“easyJet’s decision to set up this new base at BHX will be warmly welcomed by thousands of holidaymakers across the West Midlands and beyond.

“The increase in destinations is not only great news for those heading off to the sun this summer but also for our business community, helping them forge new overseas trade links.

“easyJet’s decision is also a vote of confidence in Birmingham Airport and the people working in our aviation industry.”

“The new base will support hundreds of jobs and help the airport to grow and thrive in the years ahead.”


Photo Credit: easyJet.

In conclusion, it is strong news for Birmingham Airport regarding easyJet’s base opening in the region.

Looking ahead, all eyes will be on how the base performs over the busy Summer 2024 season.

If things go well, then there is nothing to stop the airline from adding more flights and new routes.

But for now, let’s see how performance goes over this busy period of the year.

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