Bamboo Airways launches Bamboo Airways Cargo, names new Deputy General Director

A Bamboo Airways Dreamliner in flight.
Colin Cooke Photo, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – On January 3 2023, Vietnam’s Bamboo Airways announced a resolution on electing Mr. Pham Dang Thanh to hold the position of Deputy General Director. At the same time, the airline formally launched its new subsidiary cargo arm – Bamboo Airways Cargo JSC. 

New appointment – Deputy General Director

Accordingly, Mr. Pham Dang Thanh has assumed the position of Deputy General Director of Bamboo Airways from January 3rd, 2023.

Graduating from the Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers (former Soviet Union), Mr. Pham Dang Thanh has many years of experience in the field of aviation engineering.

He held many senior positions at prestigious aviation organizations and units such as Vietnam Airlines Engineering Company, Aircraft Factory A76 – Vietnam Airlines JSC, etc.

The appointment of Bamboo Airways’ new Deputy General Director continues to be a part of the management apparatus consolidation to gear up the restructuring process, thus laying a solid foundation for the airline to achieve greater goals sustainably in the new phase.

Photo: Mr. Pham Dang Thanh (right) at the event. Photo Credit: Bamboo Airways

Establishment of subsidiary cargo arm

Within the event framework, Bamboo Airways also launched its new subsidiary – Bamboo Airways Cargo JSC (BAC).

The airline appointed Mr. Doan Huu Doan, Executive Vice Chairman and Executive Deputy General Director of Bamboo Airways, as Chairman of BAC; Mr. Nguyen Khac Hai, Deputy General Director of Bamboo Airways, as CEO of BAC; and Mr. Dang Van Vien as Managing Director of BAC.

This is the airline’s latest movement in the overall strategy to build an aviation ecosystem, develop associated member companies, and create more favorable conditions for the airline to thrive in the coming time.

In particular, Bamboo Airways determines to constantly leverage service quality and pursue the full-service carrier model.

Network and presence

The airline has been consolidating its position as one of the three largest airlines in Vietnam, and it identifies three outstanding internal strengths:

  • Quality and hospitable airline services
  • Growth of inter-regional and inter-continental routes network
  • Leading in on-time performance in Vietnam’s aviation industry

Currently, the airline operates an expansive domestic network to 21 out of 22 airports in Vietnam while constantly expanding its international presence to continental gateways in Asia, Australia, Europe, etc.

Bamboo Airways has led Vietnamese aviation in terms of on-time performance from its founding, with a customer satisfaction rate reaching 4.5 out of 5.

The carrier was honored as the airline with the best service in Vietnam, the favorite carrier of golfers in Vietnam, The Best Cabin Crew in Asia, the Most Improved Airline in Asia, ranking 15th among the World’s Best Regional Airlines, and second among Asia’s Best Regional Airlines.

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