Easter Getaway: Some of the Top Tips for UK Travellers

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As Easter approaches, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is reminding travellers of their rights. The CAA has offered some essential advice and tips for those planning last-minute trips.

This comes in light of the latest information revealing a significant surge in passenger demand for flights. The data signals a gradual recovery for the aviation industry post-pandemic.

Passenger Growth and Trends

According to the CAA’s Aviation Trends report, 2023 marked the third consecutive year of growth in passenger numbers at UK airports.

Impressively, the total number of passengers soared to 276 million, reflecting a notable 23% increase compared to 2022.

While this growth is encouraging, it’s essential to note that on-time flight performance, although improved from the previous year, still lags behind pre-pandemic levels.

London Heathrow Handles 6.6m Passengers in December
Photo Credit: London Heathrow Airport.

Consumer Rights and Obligations

In light of the anticipated surge in travel for 2024, the CAA emphasizes the importance of informing consumers about their rights.

Anna Bowles, Head of Consumer at the CAA, emphasises the significance of ensuring passengers are supported and are aware of their entitlements when travelling.

“As passenger demand for flights continues to rise, we want to make sure consumers are protected by equipping them with essential advice and ensuring they are aware of their rights before they go on holiday.”

“Whether it’s understanding ATOL protection or knowing what they’re entitled to in the event of delays or cancellations, we want to make sure everyone can enjoy their holidays with confidence and peace of mind.”

Travellers are reminded of their rights in situations such as flight delays or cancellations. Airlines have a duty of care to provide assistance, including provisions for food, accommodation, and alternative travel arrangements.

Moreover, passengers requiring special assistance are urged to notify their airline in advance, ensuring a smoother travel experience.

Close-up of a British Airways Airbus A380 engine at Heathrow Airport
Photo Credit: Heathrow Airport

Essential Tips for Booking Trips

In anticipation of increased travel, the CAA offers practical advice to travellers to navigate the booking process effectively:

  • Ensure ATOL protection for package holidays to safeguard against unforeseen circumstances.

Consumers can easily check if their package trip is ATOL protected by using the Check for ATOL tool on ATOL.org.

  • Conduct thorough research on travel companies before booking to ensure reliability and affordability.

If you’re new to travel, remember to shop around with other providers to check if it is really is a good deal.

  • Utilize credit cards for holiday bookings whenever possible to benefit from additional financial protection under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

The type of cover will vary so always carefully check the insurance terms and conditions for full details of cover.

East Midlands Airport Passenger Numbers Rise With Flights
Photo Credit: East Midlands Airport.
  • Purchase comprehensive travel insurance to mitigate risks associated with trip disruptions, medical emergencies, or lost belongings.
  • Verify passport validity well in advance to avoid any travel complications, particularly concerning Brexit-related regulations.

You’ll need to renew your passport if:

  • There’s either less than three months left on your passport at any time while travelling, or
  • your passport’s issue date is 10 years old or more on the day you enter an EU country.

You can check if your passport is valid for your upcoming trip on GOV.UK.


As travel demand continues to rise, the UK Civil Aviation Authority stands committed to empowering consumers with knowledge and ensuring their rights are upheld throughout their journeys.

With the Easter break ahead, take charge of your journey! By familiarizing yourself with your travel rights, you can navigate potential hiccups and ensure a smoother, more confident travel experience.

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