United States Air Force, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

U.S Air Force Learjet Diverts To Toulouse Following Emergency

LONDON – In the last few minutes, a U.S Air Force Learjet C-21A diverted to Toulouse following a declared emergency mid-flight.

Operating under the callsign E10E2 as per RadarBox.com, the Learjet departed Ramstein at around 1004 local time.

Just after 10:15 UTC, the aircraft squawked 7700 and began a turn towards Toulouse, where it landed around 20 minutes afterward.

It is unclear what the cause of the emergency was, but it must have been serious enough to cause a turn back to Toulouse.

As per data from Planelogger, 84-0087 has been in the United States Air Force since 1984.

This is a developing story.

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