Lit Up in Blue: Royal Canadian Air Force Marks 100 Years

Royal Canadian Air Force RCAF jets in formation
Photo Credit: RCAF

On April 1, 2024, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) will mark a historic milestone as it celebrates its official Centennial.

For a remarkable century, the RCAF and its dedicated personnel have stood as guardians, defending Canada, its people, allies, and interests with unwavering commitment and valor.

Illuminating the World in Blue

In honor of this momentous occasion a special tribute is planned. To pay homage to the men and women who have served, and continue to serve, Canada at home and abroad, a global initiative will take place on April 1, 2024.

Famous landmarks, city halls, businesses, embassies, and residences around the globe will adorn themselves with blue lights. This display will symbolize and acknowledge the enduring legacy of the RCAF.

Participation and Support

Currently, over 300 landmarks spanning 20 countries have pledged their participation in this extraordinary illumination campaign.

Among these iconic sites will be some of Canada’s most recognizable landmarks. These include the CN Tower, Montréal Tower, Calgary Tower, and Vancouver Sails of Light.

Additionally, landmarks like the Esplanade Riel and Niagara Falls will join in the tribute.

In the weeks leading up to the Centennial, anticipation will continue to mount. Further landmarks and countries plan to express their commitment to participate in this global initiative.

The outpouring of support underscores the profound impact of the RCAF’s contributions to international security and cooperation.

Engaging Canadians Nationwide

To celebrate, organizers are encouraging Canadians from coast to coast to join the festivities. They’re urging everyone to illuminate their cities, businesses, and homes in blue.

Social media users are also invited to actively participate by sharing photos and messages of support. Use the hashtags #RCAF100 and #100YearsOfFlyingBlue to spread the word!

This collective display of solidarity honors the RCAF’s rich heritage and its ongoing dedication to service.

Breaking Records and Making History

In an ambitious endeavor, the RCAF will also be collaborating with Guinness World Records. They will attempt the break the World Record for the most landmarks illuminated in 24 hours.

This monumental feat serves as a testament to the RCAF’s spirit of innovation and excellence, setting a new standard for global commemorative events.

A Year of Celebration and Reflection

Throughout the spring and summer, a series of events will unfold across Canada and the world, paying homage to the RCAF’s 100th anniversary.

From thrilling air shows to the prestigious RCAF Run, gala balls, and solemn tree plantings, each occasion offers an opportunity to celebrate the RCAF’s rich heritage and honor its distinguished legacy.

Inspiring the Future

Reflecting on the past century of service, LGen Eric Kenny, Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force and Chief of the Air Force Staff, expresses his pride in the RCAF’s achievements.

He emphasizes the importance of commemorating the sacrifices and successes of past and present members while inspiring the next generation to uphold the RCAF’s proud tradition of excellence.

Col Margaret Jacula, Campaign Manager of RCAF 2024, echoes this sentiment, acknowledging the collective effort required to achieve such remarkable milestones.

She emphasizes that the Centennial celebration belongs to all Canadians, serving as a testament to their enduring support and dedication.

Quick Facts

  • Over 100 locations across all 10 provinces in Canada will participate in the illumination event.
  • Internationally, landmarks in 20 countries, including the United States, Australia, and France, will illuminate in blue.
  • Canadian Embassies in Italy, Iraq, United States, and France will also partake in the campaign.
  • Notable international landmarks such as Trafalgar Bridge in Australia and Westminster City Hall in London will join the initiative.
  • The full list of participating locations can be found on the RCAF Centennial website.

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