Italian Navy’s NH90 helicopter deliveries complete

Italian Navy SH90 helicopter.
Photo Credit: Leonardo

The Italian Navy has firmed its rotary wing capability with the completion of deliveries of its NH90 helicopters.

The NH90 has been the pioneer for the Italian Navy as 56 NH90 helicopters, which include 46 SH-90s for ASW/ASuW and 10 MH-90s have been deployed for the country’s tactical utility transport. 

Italian Navy latest aircraft

The new Italian Navy reached a significant milestone by completing deliveries of its NH90 helicopters, delivered with a state-of-the-art simulation center for NH90 crews.

The 46th SH-90ASW/ASuW helicopter manufacturer at Leonardo’s facility in Venice Tessera has now been active at the Italian Navy’s Maristaeli Luni Base.

At the base, a ceremony was held to mark the joining of the fleet, attended by high-ranking officials of the Italian Navy, manufacturer Leonardo and NH Industries, as well as esteemed dignitaries and guests. 

Moreover, the helicopter will also be a part of the ten MH-90As utilized for tactical transport missions and special operations. This means that the total fleet of NH90s will stand at 56 in service with the current operator. 


The Italian Navy is no stranger to the NH90. In fact, they first received the variant back in 2011. Since the first NH90 was delivered to the Navy, the fleet has accumulated more than 35,000 flight hours, in Italy and abroad, supporting its allies. 

State-Of-The-Art Simulator

The conclusion of the delivery of helicopters occurred at the same time a full-motion Full Crew Simulation Training Centre was established and opened at the respective base. 

The simulator is a level-D full simulator, delivered in full MR 1 configuration, which is built to suit the Italian Navy’s needs. Manufacturer Leonardo was responsible for the development of the simulator. 

This new simulation allows crews for the SH-90 and MH-90 to be trained to the very highest level of accuracy. The simulator is so accurate that 1 simulator hour equals 1 real flight hour, to carry such missions. 

Photo Credits: Leonardo

This is to better prepare the crew members for all scenarios, which will benefit the crew’s effectiveness, safety, efficiency, and sustainability. 

The system used to train the crew can be used for future training purposes. Flights that are critical and dangerous can be replicated safely in the simulators. The full level-D simulator can be used for other NH90 crews from other countries. 

Leonardo Helicopters MD, Gian Piero Cutillo, stated with optimism:: “The completion of the NH90 deliveries and the handover of this one-of-a-kind simulation environment marks a major step forward, which further reinforces our long-established partnership with the Italian Navy.”

“I want to thank all Navy and industry personnel who made these results possible. We look forward to continuing this collaboration with the Italian Navy towards new important goals and capability enhancement to meet evolving requirements.” 

About Leonardo

Leonardo is a multinational company and is responsible for the integration, design, and production of critical  NH90 components and systems.

This includes the rear fuselage, main gearbox hydraulic system, upper modes of the Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS), plant management system, power plant integration, NFH mission system (integrating sonar, radar, electro-optics, tactical link, and electronic warfare system.

Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) interrogator, mission video recording and weapon systems management including air-to-surface missiles and torpedoes for Anti-Surface Warfare (ASuW) and Anti-Submarine (ASW) missions.

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