Hungary receives first two H225M helicopters 

An Airbus H225M helicopter in flight.
Photo Credit: Airbus

Reporting from Szolnok, the Hungarian Defence Forces have now received the first two H225M multi-purpose helicopters from Airbus. This is the first two of the 16 helicopters.

The aircraft was officially handed over to the Hungarian officials at the Szolnok Airbase by the CEO of Airbus Helicopters, Bruno Even. Hungary now joins the ranks of countries that operate top-notch aircraft. 

Bruno Even commented on the event:  “I am very happy that we have delivered the first H225Ms to Hungary today. The Defence Forces are receiving a combat-proven, multi-role platform, which is the latest version of a very successful helicopter family.”

“Together with the light twin-engine H145M, which is already in operation, Hungary now has a modern helicopter fleet that can fly a broad range of military missions, and we are proud that they decided our helicopters were the right choice for their extremely important operations.”

In addition to the delivery of these helicopters, Airbus will also be providing world-class training and support packages to the Hungarian crew to ensure they receive the highest level of operational understanding and operational availability. 

Why the H225M?

Hungary has made an amazing choice by opting for the H225Ms equipped with state-of-the-art capabilities, such as communication which allows safe and efficient cooperation used for all missions, be it transport, combat search and rescue, and special operations missions.

Moreover, its advanced avionics and four-axis autopilot, exceptional range, and impressive payload capabilities are a no-brainer for the Hungarian Defence Forces.


The H225M also has a large cabin capable of transporting up to 24 troops and a powerful air-to-ground and air-to-surface armament, as well as an electronic warfare system which made the Hungarian government completely sold.

The H225Ms can perform the most demanding missions requested by the Hungarian government, including an all-weather capability supported by Airbus’ night vision goggle solutions. 

The Hungarian Defence Force will be fitted with the HForce weapon management system. This will add air support capabilities, therefore creating further commonality with the Hungarian H145M fleet, also integrated with the HForce. 

Flight demonstration

Airbus has conducted flight trials in Hungary as part of the integration of a gun pod and rocket launchers on the Hungarian H225M. The military variant of the H225 is currently operational in some of the most capable defense forces around the world including France, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Kuwait, and Singapore.

Zrínyi 2026 Modernization Program

The Zrínyi initiative introduced by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in 2016, will increase Hungary’s defence capabilities to a greater length. One of the aims of the initiative is to increase defense spending to at least 2%, under the recommendation by NATO.

The H145M and the H225M ordered back in 2016,  are fortunately under the modernization program, which would increase the credibility of the Hungarian air capabilities in the region.

As part of this modernization program, the Hungarian Air Force in 2020, ordered two KC-390 cargo tankers which are both slated for delivery in 2023 and 2024 respectively. 

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By Indy Udol 4 Min Read
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