Embraer delivers sixth C-390 Millennium aircraft to Brazilian Air Force

A Brazilian Air Force KC-390 Millennium aircraft in the hangar.
Photo Credit: Embraer

Brazilian manufacturer Embraer has delivered the sixth C-390 Millennium multi-mission aircraft to the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) in the Full Operational Capability (FOC) configuration.

This signifies that the project meets all requirements defined by the FAB, enabling the aircraft to perform all its designated missions.

Equipped for aerial refuelling operations

The previously delivered aircraft will also be updated to operate with their full capabilities, and any aircraft exported in the future may receive these enhancements as well.

The sixth C-390 aircraft will be operated by the First Troop Transport Group (1º GTT) stationed at the Anápolis Air Force Base.

All aircraft ordered by the FAB are equipped for aerial refueling missions and bear the designation KC-390 Millennium.

Bosco da Costa Junior, President and CEO of Embraer’s Defense & Security division, expressed his delight in delivering the first FOC-configured aircraft to the FAB.

He emphasized that while the FAB has already deployed the aircraft in various missions domestically and internationally, the FOC configuration will allow them to fully utilize the aircraft’s capabilities and demonstrate its potential to the world.


About the C-390

The C-390 is considered the most advanced tactical transport aircraft of its generation. Its versatile platform combines high productivity, operational flexibility, and low operating costs, making it an exceptional choice.

With a payload capacity of 26 tons, the C-390 can carry more than other medium-sized military cargo aircraft and boasts a faster speed of 470 knots, enabling it to cover longer distances.

The aircraft is capable of performing various missions such as cargo and troop transport, medical evacuation, search and rescue, firefighting, and humanitarian operations.

It can operate on temporary or unpaved runways, including packed earth, soil, and gravel.

The refueling version of the C-390 has successfully demonstrated its aerial refueling capabilities, both as a tanker and as a receiver of fuel from another KC-390 using pods installed under the wings. It is currently the only aircraft in its segment capable of performing such operations.

Since its introduction into service with the FAB in 2019, the C-390 has consistently demonstrated its capacity, reliability, and performance.

The current Brazilian Air Force fleet of five aircraft, all in the aerial refueling configuration, has accumulated over 8,900 flight hours. Operational availability stands at approximately 80%, with a mission completion rate exceeding 99%, highlighting its exceptional productivity.

Moreover, the C-390 Millennium has garnered orders from NATO member countries, including Portugal and Hungary, while the Netherlands, another NATO member, selected the aircraft in 2022.

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