Crazy Ukrainian Su-25 Highway Flypast in Ukraine

Ukrainian Air Force Sukhoi Su-25 seen in Ukraine.
Skywarrior, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – Crazy footage has surfaced on social media of Ukrainian Air Force’s Sukhoi Su-25s flying extremely low over a Ukraine-based highway to avoid Russian radar.

Video sourced from @RealAirPower1 on Twitter.

According to sources, this footage was taken of the Ukrainian Sukhoi Su-25s last Summer on a Ukraine-based highway, with the footage speaking for itself about how low the aircraft go above the highway.

It is understood that the Ukrainian Air Force has around 16 Sukhoi Su-25s, although this is an unconfirmed figure depending on aerial casualties over the course of this conflict.

Again, based on unconfirmed figures, the aerial wing of Ukraine’s armed forces has 43 MiG-29s, 12 Su-24s, and 26 Su-27s to complement this.

@RealAirPower1 on Twitter said the following when they shared the video:

“Crazy footage of Ukrainian Su-25s flying ultra-low over a highway. The pair is attempting to stay below Russian radar coverage and avoid being silhouetted against the sky. Low and fast, in and out, ballzy flying!”

This is a normal sight to see within Ukraine, especially when it comes to using stealth techniques of low and fast so then Russian forces don’t detect the aircraft initially on their bombing runs.

But for now, this footage exemplifies the level of risk and sacrifice that these pilots take, especially in the interest of pushing Russia out of Ukraine.

The conflict is still ongoing within the region, and all eyes are on either side to see who will become the overall victor in this.

For Ukraine, in recent weeks, the President has done a tour of Europe to continue support coming into the country with new arms shipments and further political support.

This is a developing story.

By James Field - Editor in Chief 2 Min Read
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