Brazilian Air Force receives 5th Embraer E-99 aircraft

A Brazil Air Force Embraer E-99 in flight.
Photo Credit: Embraer

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has successfully delivered the fifth EMB 45 AEW&C aircraft, upgraded and called the E-99M, to the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).

The Embraer aircraft has been upgraded to perform the most demanded mission, which is the Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) flights. This configuration will allow the aircraft to perform intelligence gathering, surveillance, and airborne reconnaissance missions.

Bosco da Costa Junior, President and CEO of Embraer Defense & Security commented on the latest delivery of the aircraft, saying: “The delivery of the fifth E-99 is an important milestone for the E-99M project.”

“This is the first aircraft delivered in FOC (Full Operational Capability) configuration, with systems fully certified for use by the Brazilian Air Force for protecting the country and its national sovereignty.”

Mr da Costa further elaborated: “The four aircraft previously delivered will be upgraded so that they can fully perform all the missions for which they were designed.”


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Photo Credit: Embraer

Derived From a Reliable Platform

The E-99 aircraft is built using the platform based on a reliable platform, which is the famed ERJ 145 regional jet. 

The Brazilian Air Force’s E-99 is capable of detecting, tracking, and identifying targets in its surveillance zone. This then transmits information via Data Link. 

The Brazilian Air Force makes good use of this aircraft, which includes; airspace surveillance, interception control and management, electronic intelligence, and border monitoring missions.

Onboard Systems

The E-99M jet now comes with the updated Erieye Radar and Command & Control (C2) systems. 

The E-99M also boasts new Electronic Warfare (Non-Communication-NCOM) systems, a brand new IFF Transponder, seven software-defined V/UHF radios, and a new Mission Audio system with VoIP technology.

In addition. the aircraft is equipped with a new Mission Audio and Data recorder, as well as a Data Link infrastructure to accommodate multi-infrastructure compatibility. 

Interior Fitout

The interior of the E-99M has seen important updates, which improve crew comfort and expand operational capacity. 

This comes with five consoles redesigned and optimized for more efficient use of upgraded systems. The crew will also enjoy more comfort and reduced fatigue, courtesy of the new interior upgrades. 

Combat Aircraft Program Coordinating Committee (COPAC)

The Brazilian E-99M project is guided by the Combat Aircraft Program Coordinating Committee (COPAC). This project is jointly coordinated between the Brazilian Air Force and Embraer, along with international suppliers such as SAAB, Aeroelectronica International (AELI), and Rohde & Schwarz. 

Atech, Embraer’s subsidy is also participating in the program by developing part of the command-and-control system.

Atech also develops the six mission planning and analysis stations, which provide training and development opportunities for the crews. 


The Fifth E-99 delivery to the Brazilian Air Force is a testament to Embraer’s defense system. Brazil’s aerial surveillance capabilities are now becoming more enhanced than ever with the arrival of the fifth aircraft. 

With Embraer also being a Brazilian company, it is no surprise such an order was made by the home nation’s Air Force.

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