Bombardier Defense delivers Global 6000 to Saab’s GlobalEye program

A Bombardier 6000 Saab GlobalEye aircraft
Photo Credit: Saab

Bombardier Defense recently marked the successful delivery of its sixth Global 6000 aircraft to the Swedish defense supplier, Saab for its GlobalEye program.

This particular aircraft is destined to become a pivotal component of Saab’s Airborne Early Warning and Control solution, known as GlobalEye, reinforcing the capabilities of both companies in providing leading-edge solutions to nations worldwide.

The GlobalEye Program: Canadian and Swedish innovation

The GlobalEye program by Saab represents an ingenious amalgamation of Canadian and Swedish innovation.

This visionary program integrates Saab’s world-class radar, command, control, and communication systems into the highly versatile Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft, resulting in a multi-domain airborne surveillance solution.

The Global 6000 aircraft from Bombardier Defense is celebrated for its exceptional combination of speed, range, and endurance, making it a preferred choice for various government defense needs across the globe.

Successful collaboration

Jean-Christopher Gallagher, executive vice-president of Aircraft Sales and Bombardier Defense, expressed the company’s pride in providing their modern and reliable aircraft to esteemed partners like Saab.

The Global aircraft family has proven to be an ideal solution for a wide array of missions, including surveillance, VIP transport, and multi-mission requirements.


The success of these platforms speaks volumes about Bombardier’s commitment to excellence in the field of defense solutions.

Adapting aircraft platforms to meet the specific requirements of various military services is one of Bombardier Defense’s core strengths.

With dedicated in-house engineering and support teams, the company excels at incorporating customer-requested modifications and delivering comprehensive integration solutions.

This capability extends across civilian, military, and hybrid operations, demonstrating Bombardier’s versatility and commitment to providing tailored solutions.

Specialized aircraft platforms

Bombardier boasts a globally recognized portfolio of proven and versatile specialized aircraft platforms.

Over the years, the company has collaborated with numerous special mission operators and renowned mission systems integrators, gaining extensive experience and trust in the industry.

The Next-Generation Multi-Mission and ASW aircraft

Committed to continuous progress, Bombardier Defense is actively expanding its track record of delivering specialized business aircraft worldwide.

Earlier this year, the company unveiled a strategic partnership with General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada to develop the next-generation Multi-Mission and Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) aircraft.

This state-of-the-art platform aims to meet the requirements outlined by the Government of Canada for the Canadian Multi-Mission Aircraft (CMMA) program. By doing so, it will offer a forward-looking solution to address the nation’s defense needs effectively.

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