Bombardier Defence delivers seventh jet for Saab GlobalEye program

A Saab GlobalEye surveillance aircraft in flight.
Photo Credit: Bombardier Defence

Bombardier Defense has completed the delivery of the seventh Global aircraft to the defense and security company Saab.

This aircraft is poised to undergo a transformative journey, becoming Saab’s Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) solution, renowned as GlobalEye.

The seventh aircraft delivery coincides with the presence of both companies at the Dubai Air Show 2023.

Bombardier is introducing its versatile Global and Challenger business jets to the Middle East market, while Saab is showcasing the unparalleled capabilities of its GlobalEye configuration.

Saab GlobalEye

This delivery marks a significant stride as the aircraft is set to join the Swedish Air Force, solidifying Bombardier and Saab’s partnership.

Notably, this will be Saab’s second GlobalEye aircraft to join Sweden’s military fleet. The seven aircraft delivered under the GlobalEye program underscore a successful collaboration, affirming Bombardier’s enduring reputation for manufacturing specialized aircraft for the defense industry.


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Photo Credit: Saab

‘Strategic Shift’ – Bombardier

Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Executive Vice-President, Aircraft Sales, and Bombardier Defense, emphasizes the strategic shift toward modern, efficient business jets as crucial assets for military fleets worldwide.

“More and more countries are preparing for the future by choosing modern, more efficient business jets as strategic assets for their military fleet,” he notes.

The evolving technological landscape underscores the potential of business jets, such as Bombardier’s Global aircraft, to seamlessly integrate equipment and capabilities traditionally carried by commercial counterparts.

Global Business Jets Soar

Beyond cost efficiency, Global business jets present operational advantages, including takeoff and landing capabilities that enable access to strategic locations.

The steep approach certification and advanced wing design offer unparalleled agility, particularly beneficial for airborne surveillance platforms designed for long-range air, maritime, and ground surveillance.

Saab’s GlobalEye

Saab’s GlobalEye embodies essential attributes derived from the Global business jet, boasting over 11 hours of operational endurance, state-of-the-art avionics, and class-leading maintenance intervals.

The incorporation of ample cabin space for workstations and mission equipment ensures optimal crew conditions, making the Global aircraft an ideal choice for situational awareness missions covering vast areas.

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