X-59 selected as one of TIME’s Best Inventions Of 2023

Render of Lockheed Martin X-59 supersonic experimental aircraft.
Image Credit: Lockheed Martin

The X-59 experimental supersonic aircraft, built by Lockheed Martin Skunk Works® (NYSE: LMT) and NASA Aeronautics, has been selected as one of TIME’s “Top Inventions of 2023” in the Transportation category.

The recent accolade reflects the aircraft’s potential to play a key role in revolutionizing the future of supersonic travel.

TIME Recognizing Excellence

For over two decades, TIME magazine’s editors have been on the lookout for the most groundbreaking products and ideas in their annual “Best Inventions” issue.

The selection process hinges on several critical factors, including originality, efficacy, ambition, and impact.

The X-59 experimental aircraft, with its innovative design and ambitious mission, has not only met these criteria but exceeded them.

Image Credit: NASA


Quieting the Sonic Boom

At the heart of the X-59’s recognition is its groundbreaking approach to a persistent challenge in aviation: quieting the sonic boom.

Unlike traditional supersonic aircraft that create disruptive sonic booms when breaking the sound barrier, the X-59 aims to fly at supersonic speeds while producing a much quieter sonic “thump.”

NASA’s Quesst Mission

The X-59 takes center stage as a pivotal component of NASA’s “Quiet Supersonic Technology” (Quesst) mission.

This innovative aircraft will conduct flights over communities throughout the United States, collecting valuable data regarding the acceptability of the quiet sonic thump it generates.

The data acquired will serve as a crucial resource for NASA, as it aims to provide regulators with the information necessary to establish an acceptable commercial supersonic noise standard.

This could potentially pave the way for the repeal of the current ban on commercial supersonic travel over land.

A Quantum Leap in Supersonic Travel

The X-59’s mission is not only about breaking sound barriers but also about shattering the barriers of time and distance.

This extraordinary aircraft is poised to open the door to an entirely new global market for aircraft manufacturers, making it possible for passengers to traverse the world in half the time it takes with current technology.

Excitement is building, and the industry eagerly anticipates the X-59’s debut. In early 2024, this groundbreaking aircraft is set to be unveiled to the public during a grand rollout ceremony in Palmdale, California.

It’s a moment that aviation enthusiasts and innovators have been eagerly awaiting. Following the ceremony, the X-59 is scheduled to embark on its maiden flight later in the year, marking a new chapter in the history of aviation.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 3 Min Read
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