Textron Aviation expands Europe support with new simulator

A Citation flight simulator
Photo Credit: Textron Aviation

Textron Aviation has expanded its support services in Europe with the addition of a new Cessna Citation CJ3 +/Cessna Citation M2 Gen2 Convertible Full-Flight Simulator.

This is one of a kind simulator to be introduced to Europe and will be ready for usage at FlightSafety International’s Farnborough England Learning Center in January 2025. This simulator is manufactured by TRU Simulation + Training.

Duncan Van De Velde, vice president, Sales, Europe stated: “Our customers rely on us to design and deliver the best aviation experience, and that includes supporting them throughout their entire aircraft ownership journey,”

He furthered: “We are pleased to share this new training option for customers in Europe who trust Cessna Citations to fulfill their missions.”

A Citation flight simulator
Photo Credit: Textron Aviation


FlightSafety provides and trains pilots, technicians, and other aviation professionals from over 167 jurisdictions. The company’s location is in Farnborough, United Kingdom which offers EASA training for business and regional aircraft. 

Brian Moore, CEO and Director of Operations, FlightSafety Textron Aviation Training stated:  “We are excited to expand our extensive Cessna Citation training network into the region.”

“Our partnership with Textron Aviation and TRU will provide a high-fidelity training device and enable us to deliver a high-quality training experience to our mutual customers.”


Above: Citation M2 Gen2. Photo Credit: Textron Aviation

Latest Technology

The new simulator is also equipped with the latest Garmin G3000 avionics, with the equipment also featuring real aircraft components throughout the cockpit display. This will increase realism while pilots are conducting their crucial training.

The design by TRU integrates its latest third-generation control leading system which produces highly realistic immersive flight controls and experiences. 

Jerry Messaris, vice president and general manager, TRU Simulation & Training said: “Pilot training is critical to our industry’s success. We’re pleased to provide a world-class training device to compliment the legendary Cessna Citation lineup.”


The simulator built by TRU is a state-of-the-art training machine that provides ultra-realism for pilots in training. Its full-flight motion integrates TRU’s REALCue system which utilizes an electric motion base with 42-inch-stroke actuators. 

Moreover, the visual system is integrated with  FlightSafety’s VITAL 1150 Image Generation, which is a large screen of high-resolution renderings of airports and airfields, shown in high-definition projectors shown on a 200×40 degree display.

This generates an immersive, ultra-realistic training environment. TRU manufactures the simulator using its latest structural design, which also enables users to configure settings and operating systems arrangements.

This also allows for quick, easy access to internal equipment for maintenance of the simulator itself. 

Above: Citation CJ3+. Photo Credit: Textron Aviation

Cessna Citation – A workhorse suited for Europe

It is no surprise that Textron Aviation is pleased to establish a full-motion Citation M2 Gen 2 in Europe. With Europe, being the hub for small to medium-sized jets, the M2 Gen2 is no doubt the most sought-after aircraft in the region. 

The Citation M2 Gen2, has a maximum cruise speed of 404 knots, of true airspeed, at which they can fly a range of 1,550 nautical miles, suitable for intra-European flights.

Importantly, this aircraft can operate in airfields with runways not exceeding 3,210 feet, ideal for European airports. This aircraft can carry seven passengers. 

The Cessna Citation CJ3+ is slightly larger than the M2 Gen2 with the ability to fly up to 2,040 nautical miles, and a carrying capacity of nine. 

These aircraft are well suited for the European markets, perfect for business people, corporations, and families to travel within Europe, and in some cases, to Northern Africa and the Middle East.  

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