Strong Q4 Delivery Performance for Embraer

An Embraer E2 jet parked in front of the hangar.
Photo Credit: Embraer

LONDON – Aircraft manufacturer Embraer released its 2022 full-year and Q4 delivery performance results on 17 February 2023.

The details show the Brazil-based plane manufacturer achieved its 2022 forecast outlook on its private business aviation, or executive, fleet deliveries. However, it fell short of achieving its commercial jet delivery forecast for the year.

Deliveries and Supplies

The manufacturer announced it had successfully delivered 80 aircraft in Q4 2022 – 30 commercial and 50 business/executive aircraft. This accounted for over half its total 2022 deliveries with 159 delivered in total. Of these 159 aircraft, 57 were commercial and 102 were executive.

The strong delivery performance is primarily driven by its business, or executive, jet product offering with the carrier stating that “sales in the business aviation segment continues its momentum.”

It was reported the manufacturer had forecast 100 to 110 business jet deliveries in the year.

The commercial offering fell just slightly short of the manufacturer’s 2022 outlook – 60 to 70 aircraft were reportedly forecast.

Manufacturers, and aircraft operators, are still riding the ‘wake’ effects of the COVID-19 pandemic which continues to pose challenges on supply chains, particularly for required materials and parts.

Embraer still achieved an over 12% increase in deliveries compared to 2021.

However, orders still remain strong for commercial aircraft with recent interest and orders still being announced for the new “E2” family of aircraft.

2023 Outlook

In Q4, Embraer announced a firm order for 15 new E195-E2 aircraft to “an undisclosed customer” at a cost of 1.17 billion USD.

Binter Canarias, the flag carrier of the Spanish Canary Islands, has also placed a confirmed list-price order for an additional five E195-E2 aircraft, costing almost 390 million USD.

The next generation of E-Jets, E2, achieved another by receiving certification in China and Canada. Two significant markets for the regional-jet specialist.

Canadian airline Porter was one of the Q4 recipients of the new aircraft with five arriving of a total order of 50 E195-E2s.

The E2 family of aircraft is Embraer’s latest generation of single-aisle regional aircraft. It states the aircraft is “the world’s most efficient single-aisle aircraft” and is intended to balance sustainability and efficiency with cabin comfort and range.

Service contracts, for ongoing aircraft maintenance and support, were also announced by Embraer with US-based Envoy Air, and European travel company, TUI, signing contracts. There was also a firm contract for 10 new E190F/E195F cargo aircraft conversions from NAC.

As supply chains and aviation continues to recover into 2023, the new E2 fleet is spearheading the company’s recovery.

The company has an order backlog of 17.5 billion USD – down from its highest backlog since 2018 in other quarters of 2022 but still over the results of 2021.

Orders and interest in the new fleet offering continue as operators are renewing fleets to ensure efficiency, Embraer expects “the E2 will be at the heart of this transformation.”

By Jack K Byrne 4 Min Read
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