Seoul-based Lessor Orders Up to 50 Eviation Alice Aircraft

Seoul-based Lessor Orders Up to 50 Eviation Alice Aircraft
Photo Credit: Eviation.

Solyu, a Seoul-based lessor has signed a letter of intent for 25 Eviation Alice all-electric commuter aircraft, with options for another 25.

It is understood that the South Korean company wants to provide financing and leasing solutions that support sustainable aviation.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Sustainability in Seoul: Solyu Orders Up to 50 Eviation Alice Aircraft…

Seoul-based Lessor Orders Up to 50 Eviation Alice Aircraft
Photo Credit: Eviation.


Commenting on the order announcement was Eddie Jaisaree, the Vice President of Commercial Sales at Eviation:

“Solyu’s order is a testament to how lessors are embracing Alice as the future of flight”.

“The leasing community is an important constituent in bringing about sustainable change in the aviation industry.”

“It is exciting to see a forward-thinking company such as Solyu recognizing Alice’s zero carbon technology, economic viability and beautiful design.”

Andrew Claerbout, the President of Seoul-based Solyu, also added to Jaisaree’s remarks:

“We are very excited to work with Eviation to bring sustainable aviation to the market”.

“With aviation regulations focusing on sustainability and airlines demanding to reduce their carbon footprint, we see Alice as a major contributor to meeting those targets.”

“In addition to its zero emissions, Alice’s flexible layout and low operating costs will provide operators opportunities to open new markets.”

Finally, the CEO of Eviation, Gregory Davis, pitched in on this big order from Seoul:

“As we continue to take important steps toward certification, Alice has now secured US$ 5 billion in orders”.

“It is gratifying to see the marketplace so excited about Alice’s innovative design, low cost of operation and environmental credentials.”

“We are delighted to have Solyu, our newest leasing customer, join us in our mission to lead the electric age of aviation.”

With the Alice now surpassing $5bn in orders, all eyes will be on Seoul-based Solyu to see how they will utilise these aircraft in a sustainable way.

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