Russia Builds First Sukhoi SuperJet With Domestic Parts

Russia Builds First Sukhoi SuperJet With Domestic Parts
Photo Credit: @FL360aero on Twitter.
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Yesterday, it was revealed that the first Sukhoi SuperJet with domestic aircraft parts has performed its first full flight in Russia.

According to Interfax, the flight lasted around 54 minutes, and came following the completion of test runs with the front landing gear off the runway at Rostec’s PJSC Yakolev Production Center.

Known as the SJ-100, 40 systems and units have been replaced with domestically produced aircraft as part of the import substitution program.

Aeroflot Will Receive The First Sukhoi SuperJet SJ-100…

Russia Builds First Sukhoi SuperJet With Domestic Parts
Photo sourced from a video posted by @FL360aero.

It is understood that Aeroflot will be the launch customer of this new Sukhoi SuperJet SJ-100 variant in Russia, with two units expected to be delivered in late 2023.

In case you don’t remember, back in August 2022, Aeroflot placed an order for up to 300 Russia-built aircraft, consisting of:

  • 73 Sukhoi SuperJets.
  • 210 Irkut MC-21-300s.
  • 40 Tupolev TU-214 aircraft.

Scenes from The Test Program in Russia…


It looks as if the testing of the aircraft in the air went well, which is what the country will believe is a step in the right direction for them.

“The tests confirmed the stable operations of all domestically produced systems and the plane’s handling and stability in the air”, the press service in Russia stated.

Commenting more on this was Denis Manturov, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister & Industry and Trade Minister:

“Russian developers and producers managed to produce their own design solutions and technologies and install them on the plane, including avionics, chassis, an auxiliary power unit, an integrated control system, as well as electrical generating, air conditioning, fire safety systems and many others”.

Video sourced from @FL360aero.
Video sourced from @FL360aero.

The video footage above shows the Sukhoi SuperJet on its test flight being escorted by a fighter jet based with Russia’s army.

Such milestones like this will no doubt gain the attention of the West, as the adaptation of export and trade sanctions look to be worked around by the country.

Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see how much further aircraft production in the country ramps up, and whether this will pose more of a threat to sanctions imposed by the West.

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