Rolls-Royce welcomes trilateral GCAP treaty

Image Credit: BAE Systems

Rolls Royce, a global leader in Engine and Aerospace engineering and manufacturing, has warmly welcomed the signing of the Convention of the Establishment of the “Global Combat Air Programme – GCAP International Government Organisation” or GIGO for short. 

The GIGO is signed by the Italian, Japanese, and British governments respectively. Ministers from Italy, Japan, and Britain signed the treaty, which symbolically shows an important pact shared in the design and delivery of next-generation fighter jets by 2035. 

The agreement has been signed just 12 months since the launch of the GCAP program. This reinforces and cements strong trilateral cooperation amongst respective nations. 

Next Generation Fighter Jet 

The next generation of combat aircraft is due to conquer the skies by the year 2035. 
This new jet aims to catapult next-generation technologies and to become one of the world’s most advanced interoperable, adaptable, and connected fighter jets in the market globally. 

Will this next fighter jet take over the 5th Generation F-35 in terms of popularity and operational capabilities? 


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Britain played an important role in the development of this jet. Britain’s industry partners who form Team Tempest are:  Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, Leonardo, MDBA and the UK Ministry of Defence.

Together they have made progress and forged connections with counterparts in Italy and Japan to champion this newly anticipated jet.  

Image Credit: RAF

Rolls-Royce’s Perspective

Rolls-Royce Director Business Development and Future Programmes UK & International Alex Zino stated that the treaty’s unveiling marks the latest milestone achieved which will pave way to deliver the Global Combat Air Programme by 2035.

The Rolls Royce Director later said: “It’s a clear demonstration of the close collaboration that has formed between the partners and reinforces our shared ambition to provide a truly next-generation capability to our customer.

He added: “Rolls-Royce, together with international colleagues IHI Corporation of Japan and Avio Aero of Italy are proud to be integral partners in these developments.”

“For us in Bristol, this means sustaining and evolving our long history of delivering power and propulsion systems for some of the most successful combat aircraft in history. The skills and culture we’re establishing through GCAP will support rewarding high-quality careers for decades into the future.”

On the 14th of December at the GCAP government headquarters in the UK, the first CEO will come from Japan. This is the first leader to be from Japan. 

GCAP is a huge initiative, highly important to the security, political, and economic advancement of Japan, Italy, and the United Kingdom. 

These three countries will benefit greatly, which technological transfer is to be achieved through knowledge sharing and pooling of resources.

Moreover, the security domain of the trilateral consignees will benefit from the improved sovereignty through air capability in each nation. 

To expand on the economic benefits, there are approximately 9000 people working on GCAP worldwide and more than 1000 suppliers across the three nations supporting the project.

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