Pilatus to take over RUAG Aerostructures

Interior view of Pilatus manufacturer RUAG Aerostructures facility.
Photo Credit: Pilatus

Pilatus is gearing up to take over RUAG Aerostructures Schweiz AG’s workforce and machinery from the second quarter of 2024.

The takeover stands in line with the Swiss government’s strategic goals for RUAG International. It means that in the future, Pilatus will manufacture its own components at the Emmen site.

The acquisition involves the gradual absorption of approximately 230 employees and all machinery from RUAG Aerostructures Schweiz AG by the Swiss aircraft manufacturer Pilatus.

This move, as emphasized by Hansueli Loosli, Chairman of the Pilatus Board of Directors, aims to fortify Central Switzerland as a robust business location, ensuring job security, and opening up new avenues for growth.

Photo Credits: Pilatus

Boosting Production Capacity and Expertise

Pilatus, a long-time collaborator with RUAG Aerostructures Schweiz AG, is set to enhance its production capabilities significantly.


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Having been a recipient of fuselages for the Pilatus PC-21 and horizontal stabilizers for the PC-12, the acquisition not only secures a skilled workforce but also adds new competencies to Pilatus’ arsenal.

Markus Bucher, CEO of Pilatus, points out the prospect of better access to talent and expanded production expertise with the new location near Lucerne.

A Welcome to the Pilatus Family

In a statement echoing camaraderie, Markus Bucher extended a warm welcome to the employees joining the ‘Pilatus Family.’

This human touch emphasizes the collaborative spirit that underlines the successful partnership between the manufacturer and RUAG Aerostructures Switzerland over the decades.

Hansueli Loosli underscores the importance of job security and the creation of new perspectives in Central Switzerland.

The acquisition is not merely a business transaction but a commitment to the region’s economic growth and the welfare of its workforce.

Strategic Focus: Pilatus and Future Prospects

Operations at Emmen Airfield

Pilatus plans to rent a spacious facility at the Emmen airfield from RUAG Real Estate AG, where future operations will concentrate on manufacturing aircraft components for Stans.

This strategic move allows the Swiss aircraft manufacturer to consolidate its focus on in-house production, ensuring the highest standards and efficiency.

Continuing External Orders: A Transitional Phase

For a limited period, Pilatus will honor external orders previously handled by RUAG Aerostructures Schweiz.

This transitional phase ensures a seamless experience for existing customers and facilitates a smooth handover of operations.

Future Collaborations and Development

Strengthening Partnerships

The separate partnership between RUAG Real Estate AG and Pilatus goes beyond the immediate acquisition. A separate agreement outlines options for the manufacturer to acquire an adjacent plot, opening up possibilities for future development.

This commitment reflects a long-term vision for collaboration and sustained growth.

Job Creation in the Medium to Long Term

With the potential acquisition of additional land, further job creation in the medium to long term is envisioned.

This proactive approach not only secures existing jobs but also contributes to the region’s economic prosperity.

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