Pilatus to acquire maintenance business from Aero Center Epps

A Pilatus PC-24 on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Pilatus

Founded in 1965, Epps Aviation has been an Authorized Pilatus Sales and Service Center since 1996. Based in Atlanta at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport, Aero Center Epps provides sales and maintenance services for Pilatus aircraft on the southeast coast of the USA.

Pilatus are now poised to assume responsibility for aircraft sales within this territory, and, after the deal closes, will incorporate the Pilatus maintenance operations (MRO) from 2024 and manage them independently from thereon.

The Pilatus Service Center operation will then continue to operate through Epps until the deal closes. The workforce of around 40 employees will join the Pilatus Group.

A Decades-Long Collaboration

For over two decades, Epps Aviation has been the go-to hub for Pilatus aircraft on the southeast coast of the USA.

In a strategic move, Pilatus, the globally renowned aircraft manufacturer, is set to assume responsibility for aircraft sales within this territory.


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Under the latest arrangement, Pilatus will not only take charge of sales but also integrate the Pilatus Maintenance Operations (MRO) independently from 2024.

This marks a pivotal moment as the Pilatus Service Center, currently operated through Epps, will continue until the deal finalizes.

Ownership Shift: SAR Trilogy Management, LLC

The narrative took a turn last year when SAR Trilogy Management, LLC, acquired Epps Aviation. In the wake of this acquisition, a strategic decision was made — to divest the Pilatus maintenance and repair operations.

The focus shifted towards enhancing services in the FBO, non-Pilatus maintenance, and aircraft management and charter business.

To ensure high level customer support, Pilatus has chosen to retain MRO services independently. The vision is clear — to guarantee comprehensive product support across the entire lifecycle of Pilatus aircraft.

This encompasses maintenance and repair services, avionics, and spare parts sales for both the single-engine PC-12 and the twin-engine PC-24 Super Versatile Jet.

A Pilatus PC-12 turboprop over water.
Photo Credit: Pilatus

Markus Bucher Comments

Markus Bucher, the CEO of Pilatus, underscores the significance of this acquisition. In his words, “With this acquisition, we want to safeguard and further improve the continuity and quality of our award-winning services on the southeast coast of the USA.”

“I’m delighted that we will have the expertise and the employees on board with us, and that we can continue to offer our customers a first-class service – ‘Together we create the Pilatus Class’!”

Uninterrupted Operations: Pilatus Service Center

During the transition period until the deal concludes, the Pilatus Service Center will continue its operations through Epps.

This ensures a seamless experience for customers and demonstrates Pilatus’ dedication to maintaining service excellence throughout the shift.

Workforce Integration

The heartbeat of any successful venture is its people. In this endeavor, the workforce of around 40 employees from Epps will seamlessly join the Pilatus Group.

This integration promises not just a transfer of roles but a fusion of skills and expertise.


In the wake of this transformative acquisition, Pilatus is set to extend its wings further. The PC-12 and PC-24 sales activities, previously orchestrated by Aero Center Epps, will now be steered by Pilatus.

This marks a significant stride in expanding the reach and impact of Pilatus aircraft in the south-eastern skies.

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