Heart Aerospace Opens New Los Angeles R&D Hub

A Heart Aerospace HS30 in flight.
Image Credit: Heart Aerospace

Heart Aerospace, a pioneer in hybrid-electric airplanes, marks a major step forward with the launch of its new US Research and Development (R&D) hub.

This strategic move coincides with the company’s entry into a crucial phase of hardware testing for its ES-30, the world’s first regional hybrid-electric aircraft.

Los Angeles R&D Hub

Situated in Los Angeles, the US R&D hub will spearhead the advancement of Heart’s innovative hybrid-electric propulsion system and other key technologies. The company will relocate its full-scale aircraft demonstrator to the US, aiming to solidify the concept’s viability.

To lead this exciting initiative, Heart Aerospace welcomes Benjamin Stabler as its US Chief Technology Officer.

Stabler boasts a distinguished career, having led hardware and software teams on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon program. He also co-founded Parallel Systems, a leader in automated electric freight rail vehicles.

His extensive experience perfectly complements Heart Aerospace’s mission. Stabler will assemble a team for the US R&D hub, fostering close collaboration with the organization’s headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Development Work to Date

Anders Forslund, Co-founder and CEO of Heart Aerospace, explains the strategic selection of Los Angeles. He cites the cities renowned history in the field of innovation.

“The establishment of our US R&D hub underscores our dedication to revolutionizing aviation.”

“Our independent hybrid propulsion solution is nearing a crucial stage, with electric flight demonstrations planned for next year.”

“We’re embarking on a transformative journey with the initiation of hardware testing,” Forslund adds.

“We’re delighted to have Ben join our team. His expertise and passion for innovation perfectly align with Heart Aerospace’s mission to decarbonize and democratize air travel.”

While its Nordic roots remain strong, Heart Aerospace has secured global investments. As it has progressed, North America is blossoming as its primary target market.

Despite the significance of the US R&D hub, Heart Aerospace maintains its European headquarters to pursue type certification in 2028.

The ES-30, a 30-seater regional hybrid-electric aircraft, promises to revolutionize short-haul travel with unparalleled sustainability and efficiency.

It boasts a 200-kilometer fully electric range with zero emissions. The aircraft permits an extended 400-kilometer hybrid range, significantly reducing emissions and operational costs.

Heart and Electric Aircraft Development

Heart Aerospace is a frontrunner in the development of electric aircraft, specifically targeting the regional air travel market.

This Swedish company, founded in 2018, is dedicated to revolutionizing aviation by creating cleaner, quieter, and more cost-effective solutions.

Their flagship aircraft, the ES-30, boasts a hybrid-electric propulsion system designed for efficiency and sustainability on short-haul routes.

Heart Aerospace has garnered significant global interest, with North America emerging as their primary target market.

Render of a Heart Aerospace ES30 electric aircraft in flight.

They’ve established a strong presence in the US with a dedicated R&D hub in Los Angeles, fostering collaboration and innovation.

Heart Aerospace has already garnered impressive market traction. This is further evidenced by a growing order book. To date it boasts 250 firm orders and options/purchase rights for another 120 ES-30 aircraft, along with letters of intent for a further 191 airplanes.

Maintaining a focus on decarbonization and democratizing air travel, Heart Aerospace is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of regional aviation. Their dedication to innovation and strategic expansion positions them as a leader in the electric aircraft revolution.

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