Gulfstream G700 Set for Entry Into Service

Passenger cabin interior of Gulfstream G700 jet.
Photo Credit: Gulfstream

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. has announced a further step forward for its flagship G700 business jet.

Following the initial FAA type certification in March 2024, the G700 has now secured additional production and interior supplemental type certifications.

This supplemental FAA certification now paves the way for imminent customer deliveries and the official entry of the G700 into service.

Scope of New Certifications

The new certifications specifically approve the G700’s interior design and its advanced air purification system.

The FAA production certification (PC) verifies that Gulfstream’s manufacturing processes fully comply with stringent federal aviation regulations.

This comprehensive audit covered engineering, supplier selection, manufacturing practices, and quality control systems, ensuring the G700 is built to the highest standards established by the FAA.

A Gulfstream G700 in flight above cloud.

Mark Burns, President, Gulfstream, offered comment on the supplemental certification process.

“The swift acquisition of these additional clearances after the initial FAA type certification is a testament to the G700 program’s maturity.”

“Our investments in cutting-edge manufacturing and innovative interior design will translate into industry-leading quality, fit, and finish for G700 operators.”

“We are eager for our customers to experience firsthand the unparalleled cabin comfort and performance capabilities of this remarkable aircraft.”

G700 Cabin and Manufacturing

The G700 boasts the most spacious cabin in business aviation, featuring the Gulfstream Cabin Experience. This package provides 100% fresh air circulation and the industry’s lowest cabin altitude. It boasts whisper-quiet noise levels, and 20 of the largest windows available.

Gulfstream’s Savannah headquarters serves as the manufacturing hub for all its ultra-large and large-cabin aircraft, including the G700.

The production methods for this next-generation fleet were designed in collaboration with the Savannah-based research and development team.

These methods incorporate advanced automation, 3D modeling, and robotic and bonding techniques. The process guarantees exceptional quality and precision in every G700 produced.

Initial Certification and Performance Improvements

These recent cabin certifications follow the highly anticipated initial FAA type certification for the G700.

Notably, the initial certification also confirmed two impressive performance improvements, offering customers greater flexibility and airport accessibility.

The G700 boasts a balanced field length takeoff distance of 5,995 feet (1,827 meters). Landing performance sees a landing distance of 3,150 feet (960 meters) under standard ISA conditions at sea level.

Notably, these capabilities actually exceeded the original expectations for both categories. Gulfstream had previously announced performance enhancements for the G700 in September 2023, focusing on range, speed, and cabin altitude.

The aircraft’s range has been extended to 7,750 nautical miles (14,353 kilometers) at Mach 0.85. 6,650 nautical miles (12,316 kilometers) is the expected range at Mach 0.90. This surpassed the initial projections by 250 nautical miles (463 kilometers) at both speeds.

Gulfstream boosted the G700’s maximum operating speed from Mach 0.925 to Mach 0.935. This performance increase effectively makes it the fastest aircraft in the Gulfstream fleet.

Beyond the range and speed advancements, Gulfstream also announced a further reduction in the G700’s cabin altitude, already the lowest in business aviation.

While cruising at 41,000 feet (12,497 meters), the cabin altitude is now down to 2,840 feet (866 meters), creating an even more comfortable environment for passengers.

Whisper-quiet noise levels, 20 Gulfstream Panoramic Oval Windows, and a continuous supply of 100% fresh, never recirculated air further elevate the G700 cabin experience.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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