Gulfstream G550 achieves 1 millionth flight

A Gulfstream G550 in flight.
Photo Credit: Gulfstream Aerospace

In a major milestone for the business aviation world, Gulfstream Aerospace’s iconic G550 jet has achieved one million flights, signifying popularity for business aviation is still strong and alive despite headwinds. 

Gulfstream Aerospace Cooperation reported from its headquarters in Savannah Georgia, that it’s high-performing and capable of the iconic Gulfstream G550 model recently completed its 1 millionth landing or cycle.

This is a testimonial for the aircraft manufacturer that it has a long-lasting durable aircraft, and its prolonged excellence in flight until date. Until the time of writing, Gulfstream G550 has accumulated 2.6 million flight hours.

The manufacturer invented the first purpose-built business aircraft, the Gulfstream I, which first flew in 1958. Today, more than 3,000 aircraft are in service around the world.

Mark Burns, president, of Gulfstream said: “Two decades after the aircraft entered service, the G550 continues to achieve in-service milestones and add to its impressive list of accolades as evidenced by this 1 millionth landing.”

“This is a testament to the quality of the G550 and the technology that Gulfstream introduced on this aircraft, which paved the way for our next-generation fleet. The G550 is also backed by Gulfstream’s Customer Support worldwide network, which helps ensure continued service achievements like this one.”

An Always Evolving G550

Despite the G550 no longer being in production since 2020, Gulfstream pledges to always innovate the existing G550s flying today, including encouraging its customers to keep updating and refurbishing avionics and interior.

Moreover, the G550 sets a precedent for Gulfstream’s newer models. The legendary aircraft pioneered Gulfstream’s Enhanced Vision System, now known as Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS), and was acknowledged for its achievement and uplifting the industry with the National Aeronautic Association’s 2003 Collier Trophy.


The EFVS being introduced on the G550, is now available on newer Gulfstream models: the G280, G650, G650ER, G400, G500, and G600.

Gulfstream’s latest products, the G700 and the G800 will also feature the EFVS and Synthetic Vision System on the company’s latest new Combined Vision System, to further enhance airman situational awareness.

Moreover, Gulfstream was also the first OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) to gain Federal Aviation Administration approval for certified operators to use EFVS for touchdown and rollout. 

G550 Power Plant and Capabilities

The light jet is driven by two capable power trains, the two Rolls-Royce BR710 engines, the Gulfstream G550 can fly up to 6,750 nautical miles/12,501 kilometers at Mach 0.80, which catapults the aircraft at the top of its league. 

Cabin Configuration

The G550 offers various configurations upon the wishes of its clients. Typically the aircraft can hold a maximum of 19 passengers and sleep up to 8. 

Not Only For VIPs

The Gulfstream G550, along with other products, is not only used for VIP transport. This is due to its high durability and reliability, and class-leading performance of its aircraft line-up.

The G550 has been a platform for many missions, including a variety of government and military applications, medical evacuation, head-of-state transport, airborne early warning, atmospheric research, and maritime patrol.

Currently, there are over 600 Gulfstreams in service since its entry into service in 2003. Unfortunately, the last G550 left Savannah’s production line in 2020 marking a new era for newer aircraft.

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