Gulfstream Delivers First G700s

Gulfstream G700
Photo Credit: Gulfstream

Last week, biz jet manufacturer Gulfstream announced that they have delivered their first two G700s to its customers.

This article will cover the details surrounding Gulfstream’s latest major milestone in delivering its first two G700s.

Gulfstream: First Two G700 Deliveries

Photo Credit: ZLEA, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Less than just one month after receiving FAA type certification, Gulfstream has delivered its first two G700s to customers.

Whilst the customers have not been disclosed, this is a huge achievement for the U.S. business jet manufacturer.

This also means that the G700 becomes the new flagship for them, before the readiness of the G800, which is still under development and testing.

The new G700 has a maximum range of 7,750 nautical miles, or 14,353 kilometres at Mach 0.85. This means the aircraft can fly as far as London to Antarctica without stopping for fuel. However, if you want to get to your destination quickly, the G700 is capable of Mach 0.935, the fastest across the manufacturers aircraft.

At Mach 0.90, the aircraft has a slightly lower range due to higher fuel burn to achieve the higher Mach. This reduces the range to 6,650 nautical miles, or 12,316 kilometres, which is still highly impressive.

Not only this but the G700 has a maximum cruise altitude of 51,000 feet, with a take-off distance of 5,995 feet, or 1,827 meters.

However, their G700 will soon be overtaken by the manufacturers incoming G800 model. Capable of flying up to 8,000 nautical miles, or 14,816 kilometres, at Mach 0.85.

Their G700 has set over 50 city pair speed records prior to entry into service whilst also boasting their largest cabin. With 20 Gulfstream Panoramic Oval Windows, the industry’s lowest cabin altitude reducing fatigue, and seats for up to 19, across four living areas.

Senior Comments

Commenting on their latest milestone, Gulfstream’s President, Mark Burns, says, “Beginning G700 customer deliveries less than one month after achieving Federal Aviation Administration type certification marks an incredible milestone in Gulfstream’s history of raising the bar for the business aviation industry.”

“We appreciate the confidence our customers have demonstrated in our aircraft and look forward to continuing these deliveries in the weeks ahead.”

“We are excited for our customers to experience the unparalleled G700 as we continue to deliver this exceptional aircraft around the world.”

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