Eve Air Mobility & Embraer announce Brazil eVTOL production facility

Aerial view of Eve Air Mobility/Embraer eVTOL production facility in Brazil.
Photo Credit: Eve Air Mobility

Eve Air Mobility and Embraer have announced the details of their first eVTOL production facility in Brazil. The factory is slated to be opened in the city of Taubaté, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

Of course,  the exact location of the construction site will be subject to authorities’ approval on the land within Embraer’s already existing unit. 

Location, Location, Location 

The designated site knows the benefit of a strategic trade and business location. The site is located at an advantageous location, with convenient access to the two highways and a stone’s throw from the railroad, lowering mobility and logistical cost of goods and services.

In addition, the close proximity to Embraer’s headquarter in Sao José dos Campos means that Eve’s engineering and human resource team will enhance the development and sustainability of the new production processes.

This will allow the eVTOL company to have easy and convenient access to a talented workforce, allowing the company to increase its competitiveness.

Eve’s closeness to Embraer means that the eVTOL scene in Brazil is set to flourish in the very near future. Moreover, Brazil makes a perfect gateway and a proofing ground for eVTOL manufacturers as they venture into the Latin American market. 


Stakeholder comments

Andre Stein, co-CEO of Eve, stated:  “When we began our search for a manufacturing location to build our eVTOL, we wanted to reimagine how the aircraft could be built using the latest technology and manufacturing processes, coupled with other aspects such as supply chain and logistics.”

“Our objective is to offer safe and reliable products and services to the market and be highly competitive in manufacturing efficiency. The team was tasked with the opportunity to design an optimized assembly line that prioritizes safety, quality, efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.”

 Francisco Gomes Neto, President & CEO at Embraer, stated: “This decision is aligned with our growth strategy plan, which is driven by innovation and sustainability.”

“We believe in the enormous potential of the global Urban Air Mobility market, and we reinforce our commitment to Eve as one of the major players in this industry.” 

In May 2022, Eve and Porsche Consulting announced a partnership that defines Eve’s eVTOL in the global manufacturing scene, including the management of its supply chain and logistics policy on a macro level.

Both companies have worked together closely on research & development, innovating concepts, and manufacturing parts that were used jointly from the minds of individuals from the aeronautical and the automotive scene.

This allows the design of the eVTOL to be sleek, with an emphasis on high safety, quality, economical, and end-user oriented. 

Alice Altissimo, Vice President of Program Management and Operation at Eve commented on the innovative force of the company: “We are focused on achieving the highest quality standards in eVTOL manufacturing through increased knowledge and consideration of an innovative approach.”

“Following extensive research on advanced manufacturing and innovation concepts for over a year, we are now prepared to establish our initial factory for eVTOL production.”

“With confidence in our capabilities, we are equipped to efficiently scale the production volume sustainably to meet the demands of a growing market.”

Bottom line

As we speak, Eve Air Mobility will champion its progress in developing its eVTOL. The AAM company is focused on enhancing solutions for each country in developing the ever-relevant Urban Air Traffic Management (Urban ATM) software, which optimizes Urban Air Mobility globally.

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By Indy Udol 4 Min Read
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