Embraer promotes C-390 capabilities in Saudi Arabia

Embraer and SAMI delegates sign MoU in Saudi Arabia.
Photo Credit: Embraer

SAMI (Saudi Arabian Military Industries), a national defense and security endeavor in the Kingdom (also a Public Investment Find PIF company ), and Brazilian aerospace giant Embraer have inked a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperating within the military aviation sphere. 

The MoU will roll out expansionary measures for both companies in Saudi Arabia, with a strong focus on the promotion of Embraer’s C-390 Millennium aircraft, which will support Saudi Arabia’s military capacity in the near future. 

Promoting the C-390 Millennium

SAMI and Embraer will work together in exploring MRO capabilities in Saudi Arabia with the aim of establishing an MRO hub for the region, and also a final assembly line for the Embraer C-390

Moreover, the introduction of the C-390 in Saudi Arabia will also extend the aircraft technology to the end user, enhancing technological spillover. 

SAMI and Embraer will also cooperate in training and extensive knowledge exchange activities, which will open opportunities for many more individuals and companies in Brazil and Saudi Arabia to cooperate, especially in the aviation and defense sectors. 

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An Embraer C-390 Millennium on the tarmac at sunrise.
Photo Credit: Embraer

Eng. Walid A. Abukhaled, SAMI’s CEO, commented on the MoU signing: “We are delighted to have signed this agreement with Embraer, bringing new support and production facilities into the Kingdom.”

“This growth in our business scope and capabilities highlights SAMI’s dedication to advancing and supporting the development of the aerospace ecosystem in the Kingdom.”

Boosting Saudi Defense Sector

“It is another important step in SAMI’s efforts in supporting the Saudi Vision 2030 to strengthen the Kingdom’s self-sufficiency in the defense sector and contribution to the localization of 50% of the defense spending In the Kingdom by 2030.”

SAMI’s top man furthered: “While this expansion of our MRO capabilities is important, the key to this agreement is the establishment of joint training activities, to support the development of Saudi talents and the transfer of valuable skills within the aerospace sector.” 

Bosco da Costa Junior, President, and CEO of Embraer Defense & Security added: “We are very pleased to sign this agreement with SAMI. This is the first step to advance cooperation in Defense and Security involving production chains between the two countries.”

“With this Memorandum of Understanding, Embraer advances further into a strategic market. We will work hard to add value to the local industry, to the Royal Saudi Air Force, and to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

The agreement will support SAMI’s efforts in empowering local talents and contributing to the Saudi Vision 2030 goal of the localization of the defense sector in the Kingdom.

About SAMI

SAMI was founded in May 2017 and is wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF). The company aims to elevate the industrial capacity of Saudi Arabia to become a global payer, with the goal of being a top 25 defense company by 2030. 

SAMI’s vision aligns with that of the Saudi Vision 2030. SAMI has global visions but also local visions. The group is expected to become a key player in contributing to 50% of Saudi Arabia’s total government defense spending. 

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Embraer has signed an MoU with Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI), promoting the C-390 Millennium in Saudi Arabia.
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