Embraer FY23: Deliveries Rise Amid Industry Headwinds

An Embraer E2 jet parked in front of the hangar.
Photo Credit: Embraer
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Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has recently unveiled its performance metrics for the 2023 financial year, shedding light on its achievements and challenges.

Taken overall, Embraer enjoyed a rise in aircraft deliveries, despite challenging industry conditions.

Additionally, insights into the first quarter of 2024 provide a glimpse into the company’s current trajectory and market standing.

Overview of Embraer’s FY2023 Performance

In 2023, Embraer showcased resilience amidst industry headwinds, marking a notable increase in deliveries compared to the previous year.

Despite grappling with supply chain disruptions, the company demonstrated commendable growth across its diverse product portfolio.

Revenue Analysis

Embraer’s revenue for the fourth quarter of 2023 amounted to US$1,975 million, contributing to a total of US$5,269 million for the year.

The company’s strategic focus on diversification and market expansion yielded double-digit revenue growth across all business units.

Deliveries Breakdown

Commercial Aircraft

Embraer’s commercial aircraft segment witnessed steady growth, with 64 deliveries in 2023, reflecting a 13% increase year-on-year.

Notable highlights include strategic partnerships and order expansions, particularly in North America and Asia.

An Embraer E195-E2 jet parked on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Embraer

Executive Jets

The executive jets division continued its upward growth pattern, seeing the delivery of a total of 115 aircraft in 2023.

This market section’s performance saw continuous demand and customer satisfaction, with the Phenom 300 holding its position as a market leader.

Embraer Announces New Autothrottle for Phenom 300E
Photo Credit: Embraer.

Military C-390

Embraer’s military C-390 aircraft further cemented its presence globally, with significant contracts secured across diverse regions.

Partnerships in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East highlight the plane’s versatility and its strong operating capability.

An Embraer C-390 Millennium on the tarmac at sunrise.
Photo Credit: Embraer

Supply Chain Challenges

Despite remarkable achievements, Embraer faced supply chain disruptions, impacting its operational efficiency and delivery time lines.

The company’s resilience and proactive measures minimized any adverse effects, and ensured continued progress amidst challenges.

Firm Order Backlog

Embraer reported a robust firm order backlog, reaching US$18.7 billion by the end of the fourth quarter in 2023.

Notably, both the executive and commercial aviation segments achieved a book-to-bill ratio which exceeded 1:1, indicating continued demand and market confidence.

Executive Jets Segment

Embraer’s executive jets segment saw a remarkable sales performance, driven by strong demand and innovative product offerings.

The Praetor 600’s delivery to South Korea’s Flight Inspection Services Center marked a significant event, emphasizing the segment’s commitment to excellence.

The delivery of the Praetor 600 to South Korea demonstrated Embraer’s commitment to technological innovation and customer-centric solutions.

Equipped with advanced capabilities, the aircraft enhances operational efficiency and safety standards in the region.

Defense & Security Segment

Embraer’s strategic partnerships in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe bolster its defense and security divisions global profile.

Collaborations with leading organizations signify trust and recognition of the company’s expertise and product reliability.

The C-390 Millennium continues to garner attention worldwide, with notable contracts secured in South Korea and the Middle East.

These developments underscore the aircraft’s versatility and suitability for diverse operational requirements.

An Embraer C390 takes off in a cloud of red dust.
Photo Credit: Embraer

Commercial Aviation Segment

Embraer’s commercial aviation segment achieved significant milestones, with strategic partnerships and certifications enhancing market penetration.

Noteworthy achievements include Porter Airlines’ firm order for E195-E2 passenger jets, signaling confidence in Embraer’s product offerings.

The E190-E2 and E195-E2’s type certifications by regulatory authorities were notable.

In Asia, the E190-E2 and E195-E2 attained type certification from the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS). The aircraft are the world’s quietest and most fuel-efficient single-aisle aircraft.

Scoot, the low-cost subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, should begin to operate the E190-E2 in 2024.

E195-E2 at London City Airport. Photo Credit: Embraer

 In Europe, the E195-E2 received certification for Steep Approach into London City Airport from EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

This achievement is a significant development, which allows airlines to operate the E195-E2 at London City Airport (LCY), known for its challenging approach and short runway.

Together with the E190-E2, which received Steep Approach certification in 2021, both members of the E2 family are now approved for operations from LCY.

In more recent news, 120-minute ETOPS (Extended-Twin Engine Operations Performance Standards) approval was secured for both the E190-E2 and E195-E2 aircraft.

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Embraer's FY2023 performance shows a notable increase in aircraft deliveries compared to the previous year, set against challenging industry conditions
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