Embraer and CAE to expand global E-Jet training network 

Embraer and CAE delegates sign service expansion agreement.
Photo Credit: Embraer

Aircraft manufacturer Embraer and global training organization CAE announced at the 2023 Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium (APATS) the expansion of their joint venture initiative. 

This new expanded initiative is slated to include pilot and cabin crew training for the manufacturer’s latest Embraer E-Jet E2 family of commercial aircraft.

Singapore Training Program

The Embraer – CAE Training Services (ECTS) will launch a new pilot training program, which includes the introduction of the ultra-modern E-Jet E2 full-flight simulator (FFS) at the Singapore-CAE Flight Training Centre.

The program has a planned opening date of December 2023. Eventually, this new training program will expand substantially to CAE’s strategic locations under CAE’s global network to aid the demand for Embraer’s E2 growth. 


Johann Bordais, President and CEO, Embraer Services & Support stated: “We are delighted to build on our offering and introduce the E2 pilot training program to support the growing number of APAC operators embracing the latest generation of platforms.”

He later added:  “We are more than ever committed to providing high-quality training programs available in locations close to our E-Jets E2s’ operators.”

Michel Azar-Hmouda, Vice President, Commercial Aviation Training, CAE stated: “Adding the E-Jets E2 platform to our existing joint venture is a natural next step in the partnership CAE and Embraer have built over the last 16 years,” 

Mr. Michael furthered: “Launching the new program in Singapore brings E2 training closer to our APAC customers and ensures their pilots are ready to take flight as E2 jets join their fleets.”

Singapore as a Strategic Location 

Singapore is no stranger to housing multi-national companies. The Island nation has been tapped as the first location due to the growing fleets of E-Jets E2 in the Asia Pacific Region. 

This includes Scoot’s recent order, and also the latest order from SKS Airways from Malaysia. Embraer also places its strategic significance in the region, due to the bright macro outlooks of Asia in general. 

Training Platforms 

The ECTS training solutions are the backbone of the Embraer Services & Supports arm. The ECTS platform scrutinizes the entire portfolio of products and solutions that will deliver the best service and customer support to enhance the experience. 

This will also leverage Embraer’s after-sales business to exert the company’s dominance in the region. This will give more value to its customers. 


The E2 training program features the CAE 7000XR series full-flight simulators (FFS), which include the innovative CAE Tropos™ 6000XR visual system, as well as the CAE XR Series’ flight training devices (FTDs).

About Embraer

Embraer is a multi-national company located in Brazil. The company has global outreach in the domains of commercial and executive aviation, and defense & security. Moreover, Embraer also provides support and engineering services to aviation clients. 

Embraer, founded in 1969, the Brazilian company delivered more than 8,000 aircraft. This translates to every 10 seconds, an aircraft built by Embraer takeoff somewhere. 

It is no strange that Embraer has banked Singapore, or Asia as their region of focus, given the continent’s growing population, economy, and importantly the propensity to fly by Asians.

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