Deutsche Aircraft Selects Supplier for the D328eco Fuselage

CEOs of Deutsche Aircraft and Akaer stand with D328eco aircraft
Photo Credit: Deutsche Aircraft

Brazilian engineering leader Akaer has been chosen by German aircraft manufacturer Deutsche Aircraft to produce the forward fuselage for its D328eco aircraft.

The D328eco is a next-generation 40-seat turboprop designed for regional aviation.

This collaboration marks a significant achievement for Akaer. This move improves their position as a Tier 1 supplier in the global aerospace market.

Their proven expertise in design engineering and comprehensive forward fuselage assembly was a key factor in Deutsche Aircraft’s decision.

Partnership for Regional Aviation

“The D328eco signifies a major milestone in global aviation, heralding more sustainable and efficient flights.” stated Cesar Silva, CEO of Akaer.

“For Akaer, being a part of this significant project and playing a fundamental role in producing the forward fuselage is a source of great pride, further solidifying our position as a Tier 1 company.”

“The commitment and experience showcased by Akaer throughout this process was pivotal in our decision-making.”

The NL EASP AIR D328® Turboprop fleet in front of the Deutsche Aircraft Hangar in Oberpfaffenhofen
Photo Credit: Deutsche Aircraft

“Akaer is one of the key players in the Brazilian Aerospace industry which is why we are excited to collaborate on this project for the front fuselage which is a milestone in the D328eco programme,” emphasised Dave Jackson, CEO of Deutsche Aircraft.

“This collaboration underscores the acknowledgment of Akaer’s excellence and 32 years of experience in the aeronautical industry,” remarked Maximilan Fahr, Vice President Supply Chain of Deutsche Aircraft.

We considered Akaer’s commitment, customer focus and exemplary experience, which were instrumental in securing this significant project for the D328eco programme.”

The Booming Brazil Market

This partnership between Akaer and Deutsche Aircraft further strengthens Brazil’s position as a major player in the industry.

Boasting the world’s 5th largest air space, Brazil is actively expanding its regional aviation sector.

Brazil boasts the 2nd largest general aviation fleet in the world. As such it has the potential to upgrade with the multi-role configuration of the D328eco.  The turboprop market share in Brazil has grown by 344% over the last 10 years.

Brazil’s general aviation sector is experiencing a surge that mirrors the success of its regional aviation market. This environment presents a significant opportunity for the D328eco’s broad capabilities.

The aircraft’s versatility caters to various applications, including passenger transport, medical services, and fire fighting missions. This makes it an ideal choice for the Brazilian market. 

D328eco Performance

The D328eco’s exceptional performance allows it to operate on short, unpaved runways. It can perform in challenging weather conditions, opening up new routes and connecting remote communities.

This adaptability, combined with its environmentally friendly features, positions the D328eco as a game-changer for regional aviation.

The D328eco represents a major leap forward in sustainable aviation. This eco-friendly turboprop boasts the lowest fuel consumption and emissions in its class.

The regional commuter is fully compatible with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), promoting cleaner and more efficient regional air travel.

First Deliveries on the Horizon

Akaer’s facilities in São José dos Campos, Brazil will begin production of the D328eco forward fuselage later this year. The first delivery is expected by the end of 2025.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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