De Havilland acquires Field Aviation manufacturing division

A Canadian De Havilland Dash 8 aircraft in flight.
Photo Credit: De Havilland Canada

Aircraft manufacturer De Havilland has bought aircraft parts company Field Aviation’s Calgary manufacturing division, adding to its Western Canada expansion that officially began two years ago.

The latest acquisition aims at bolstering its manufacturing capabilities, with De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited taking over the assets and ongoing business of Field Aviation Company Inc’s Calgary-based aircraft parts manufacturing operations.

Western Canadian Manufacturing Footprint

The acquisition of Field Aviation Company Inc’s Calgary operations represents a strategic decision by De Havilland Canada to enhance its manufacturing footprint in Western Canada.

By integrating Field’s expertise and resources into its own operations, De Havilland Canada aims to leverage synergies and drive efficiency in its manufacturing processes.

The Calgary manufacturing division has been a key part of Field Aerospace’s Canadian operations for many years, providing aircraft parts to OEMs and other large agencies.

“Field is committed to providing the highest quality aircraft modification solutions to our customers, and we believe that by focusing on our core business, we will be better able to achieve that goal,” said Brian Love, President of Field Aviation.

“We are thankful to the Calgary staff for their support over the years and wish them continued success as part of DeHavilland Canada.”


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Continued Growth Through Strategic Acquisitions

This acquisition follows closely on the heels of De Havilland Canada’s recent purchase of Mid-Canada Mod Centre and Avionics Design Services Inc. in Ontario.

These strategic acquisitions underscore De Havilland Canada’s proactive move towards expanding its manufacturing, engineering, and avionics design capacity to meet the evolving needs of its global customer base.

Commitment to Quality and Reliability

Brian Chafe, CEO of De Havilland Canada, emphasizes the company’s dedication to delivering rugged, reliable, Canadian-made products.

The addition of Field’s Calgary operations further reinforces this commitment, allowing De Havilland Canada to enhance its in-house supply chain and ensure timely delivery of parts to its customers.

Integration and Collaboration

Field Aviation Company Inc’s Calgary-based aircraft parts manufacturing operations currently serve a diverse customer base, manufacturing parts not only for De Havilland Canada aircraft but also for other aerospace OEMs.

The integration of these operations into De Havilland Canada’s manufacturing framework will facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing, driving innovation and excellence in product development.

About De Havilland Canada

With more than 5,000 aircraft delivered, De Havilland Canada is well-established across the globe and advancing a near-100-year reputation in the industry.

Typically, its regional aircraft operate reliably in some of the world’s harshest climates and provide vital connections between rural communities and urban centres – transporting essential cargo and millions of passengers annually.

De Havilland aircraft also support a wide variety of special mission operations, including aerial firefighting, search and rescue, medical evacuation, reconnaissance, and coastal surveillance.

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