Boom Supersonic Launches Defense Advisory Group

The Boom Supersonic in grey military livery in the hangar
Photo Credit: Boom Supersonic

Boom Supersonic, the company building the world’s fastest airliner, today announced the launch of its Defense Advisory Group to assess Boom’s Overture aircraft for national security missions.

The independent council brings together top military and defense experts to progress the development of defense variants of Overture.


Boom Supersonic is currently moving forward with its groundbreaking Overture aircraft. This revolutionary aircraft is set to become the fastest airliner globally, with the ability to fly at twice the speed of today’s conventional airliners while boasting a maximum range of 4,250 nautical miles.

Beyond its impressive speed, Overture offers a unique combination of features, making it a game-changer in the world of aviation.

In the latest development, Boom Supersonic has now established its Defense Advisory Group, comprising top military and defense experts. This advisory group will assess the potential of the supersonic Overture aircraft for national security missions.


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Photo Credit: BOOM Supersonic.

A Council of Experts

The Defense Advisory Group, assembled by Boom Supersonic, includes seven founding members, each bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge in military and defense operations.

These members range from retired General Officers to Department of Defense civilian senior executives, with expertise spanning various aspects of defense, mobility operations, executive airlift, Air Force acquisitions, and research and development within the defense community.

The founding members of the Defense Advisory Group are:

General William M. Fraser III, USAF (Retired): Former Commander of U.S. Transportation Command, Air Combat Command, and USAF Vice Chief of Staff.

General Raymond E. Johns, USAF (Retired): Former Commander of U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command.

General Carlton (Dewey) Everhart II, USAF (Retired): Former Commander of U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command.

Lieutenant General Ted Bowlds, USAF (Retired): Former Commander Electronic Systems Command.

Mr. David E. Hamilton, Retired Senior Executive Service: Former Director and Program Executive Officer for the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office.

Major General Lawrence M. Martin, Jr., USAF (Retired): Former Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force, International Affairs.

Major General Kyle Kremer, USAF (Retired): Former Director of Strategy, Plans, Requirements, and Programs for Air Mobility Command.

A Valuable Partnership

Kathy Savitt, president of Boom Supersonic, expressed her confidence in the Defense Advisory Group, stating, “The experienced leaders joining the Defense Advisory Group will guide us in optimizing our aircraft for government customers.”

“We know that we can deliver a valuable product to the Department of Defense with a specialized variant of Overture.”

This move represents a significant step in Boom Supersonic’s ongoing efforts to expand its presence in the defense market.

Collaborating with leading global aerospace and defense technology company Northrop Grumman, the Defense Advisory Group will identify the most valuable and critical use cases for supersonic transport.

Retired General Raymond Johns, one of the founding members, highlighted the potential of Overture for the Department of Defense, saying, “Overture has great potential to provide value to the Department of Defense.”

“The advisory group brings decades of experience to the table to discuss considerations that will enable applications to a broad spectrum of military missions.”

Beyond Defense

In addition to its foray into defense applications, Boom Supersonic is actively engaged in furthering the development of commercial supersonic flight efficiency.

In July, the company announced its collaboration with Northrop Grumman on a NASA contract. This contract aims to deliver solutions for the High-Speed Endo-atmospheric Commercial Vehicle Conceptual Design Study and Technology Roadmaps Development program.

The study seeks to identify technologies that will continue to advance commercial supersonic flight efficiency, ensuring that supersonic travel remains not only fast but also environmentally sustainable.

Milestones Achieved

Boom Supersonic has been making significant strides in the development of its Overture program. At the Paris Air Show in July, the company announced several key achievements, including structural supplier agreements with Aernnova for Overture’s wings, Leonardo for the fuselage and wing box, and Aciturri for the empennage.

The company also shared important milestones for SymphonyTM, the propulsion system designed for Overture.

This included an expansion of Boom’s partnership with Florida Turbine Technologies (FTT), a business unit of Kratos, to assemble the initial production unit for ground test, flight test, and certification.

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