BOOM Supersonic Begins Work on Overture Superfactory

BOOM Supersonic Overture jet in flight.
Photo Credit: BOOM Supersonic.

LONDONBOOM Supersonic has announced that work on its Overture Superfactory in North Carolina has begun.

Supersonic travel has long been a dream of the human race.

The idea of flying from one side of the world to another in a fraction of the time it takes with normal commercial airliners is an exciting prospect for many.

But, until recently, supersonic commercial travel required a military aircraft or a very expensive private plane.

However, startup company BOOM Supersonic has changed all that with its revolutionary new supersonic jet design.

BOOM Supersonic has kicked off work on its Overture superfactory, as the manufacturer aims to begin production in 2024.

Based in the Piedmont Triad International Airport, the superfactory is a 62-acre campus that will house the final assembly line, as well as the test facility and customer delivery center for the aircraft type.

Executive Comments…

Photo Credit: BOOM Supersonic.

Kathy Savitt, the President of BOOM Supersonic, said the following at the ground breaking:

“Today’s groundbreaking for the Overture Superfactory represents a significant step forward in building sustainable and accessible supersonic travel for the world”.

“This milestone is a shared one, and we are deeply appreciative of the input, leadership, and support of the Piedmont Triad Airport Authority, the local community, and the state of North Carolina.”

BOOM Supersonic was also keen to note that more than 2,400 jobs will be created at the Superfactory, which will grow the local economy by $32.3bn.

Also commenting on the news was Roy Cooper, the Governor of North Carolina:

“Building on our legacy of ‘First in Flight,’ North Carolina is ready to partner with Boom Supersonic in leading the way to a fast and clean aviation future”.

“Our economy is taking flight with a talented workforce and strong infrastructure ready for these new, good-paying jobs in innovation and aerospace.”

A Quick Look at BOOM Supersonic

Photo Credit: BOOM Supersonic.

BOOM Supersonic is a Colorado-based startup that is developing the world’s fastest commercial passenger jet.

The company was founded in 2014 by Blake Scholl, a former Amazon employee and engineer Josh Young.

The idea for BOOM Supersonic came about when Scholl was working on his pilot’s license.

He realized that the experience of flying could be dramatically improved if planes could fly faster.

Currently, the only way to fly faster than the speed of sound is to use supersonic military aircraft like the Concorde or the Tupolev Tu-144.

However, these planes are loud, inefficient, and expensive to operate.

BOOM Supersonic’s goal is to develop a commercial airliner that can fly at speeds of Mach 1.7 with the Overture while being quieter and more fuel-efficient than current jets.

The company is currently working on a prototype of its aircraft, the XB-1.


Photo Credit: BOOM Supersonic.

The history of BOOM Supersonic is an inspiring story of innovation, determination, and ambition. The company has overcome many challenges on its journey to making supersonic travel a reality.

They have achieved incredible successes in the past few years, including flight tests with the XB-1 due to take place this year, demonstrator aircraft, and successful funding rounds.

With the backing of powerful investors and top aviation partners, the manufacturer is now poised to revolutionize air travel yet again.

We eagerly await what they will achieve next!

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