Bombardier unveils line-up for NBAA-BACE 2023

Bombardier Challenger 3500 aircraft flying over coastline.
Photo Credit: Bombardier

Bombardier has confirmed that its impressive fleet of Challenger and Global aircraft that will be on display at the National Business Aviation Association – Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) in Las Vegas from October 17th to 19th, 2023.

NBAA 2023 Line-up

Present at NBAA-BACE this year will be the immaculate Global 7500, Global 6500, Challenger 3500, and Challenger 650business jets

A Challenger 300 Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) aircraft will also be on display, marking the first time a sought-after CPO aircraft will be showcased to the public in North America.

Global 7500

Leading the pack is the Global 7500, a true marvel in the world of aviation. This aircraft has been certified for five years and stands as a testament to Bombardier’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of excellence.

The Global 7500 boasts a top speed of Mach 0.925 and an astonishing range of 7,700 nautical miles, making it a true long-haul champion. Its interior is nothing short of magnificent, offering passengers an exquisite experience in the sky.



Global 6500

The Global 6500 is another jewel in Bombardier’s crown. Building on the legacy of its predecessors, it features expansive living spaces, refined interior design, and a ride that’s as smooth as silk. T

his aircraft redefines long-range travel by combining luxury and performance in perfect harmony.

Challenger 3500

The Challenger 3500 is a testament to Bombardier’s knack for industry-leading innovation.

With a world-class interior design, the widest cabin in its class, and the lowest direct operating costs, it’s the ultimate choice for discerning customers who value both quality and efficiency.

Bombardier Challenger 3500 in flight
Photo Credit: Bombardier

Challenger 650

The Challenger 650, with over 1,000 deliveries and counting, stands as the best-selling large platform business aircraft of all time. Its legacy is built on delivering exceptional value and performance.

Certified Pre-Owned Aircraft: A First for NBAA-BACE

In a historic move, Bombardier will be showcasing its first Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Aircraft at NBAA-BACE 2023. The CPO Challenger 300 will be on display, offering a glimpse of the premium class of pre-owned aircraft.

These CPO aircraft feature refurbished interiors, fresh paint, upgraded avionics and connectivity systems, and an exclusive one-year OEM warranty, among other benefits.

This marks a significant milestone, underlining Bombardier’s commitment to excellence in every aspect of aviation.

Sustainability and Safety

At NBAA-BACE, Bombardier will also host an informative panel on October 18th, exploring the world of Certified Pre-Owned Aircraft.

This discussion will delve into how a CPO program can enhance safety, sustainability, and more in the aviation industry.

Key industry leaders will share insights on how investing in CPO aircraft can contribute to an organization’s overall sustainability goals and improve safety standards.

The session will also examine the impact of technological upgrades and product enhancements on the residual values of your aircraft, ensuring they remain relevant and valuable assets.

Join the Conversation

Media representatives and aviation enthusiasts are encouraged to attend Bombardier’s press conference on Monday, October 16th, at 9:30 AM, at NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas.

This event will provide exclusive access to Bombardier’s latest news, product updates, and program developments, allowing you to stay at the forefront of the aviation industry.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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