Bombardier Reports Strong 2022 Results


LONDON – On January 17, the Canadian aircraft manufacturer, Bombardier, has revealed its preliminary full-year 2022 financial results.

Bombardier’s Results Showcase Strong 2022…


As an insight into their full-year 2022 results, the Canadian manufacturer, Bombardier, has released its preliminary results, showcasing the areas that are set to exceed their originally outlined financial guidance.

In terms of total aircraft deliveries, Bombardier successfully delivered 123 aircraft across all of their sectors during 2022, which is three deliveries higher than their expected guidance for the year.

This helps to show how well the aviation industry is beginning to recover at the tail-end of the Covid pandemic.

As well as exceeding their aircraft delivery targets, Bombardier also secured revenues that were $400 million higher at $6.9 billion, compared to the expected $6.5 billion for 2022.

Bombardier’s adjusted EBITDA has also come in strong with the manufacturer achieving $930 million as opposed to their expected $825 million.

The manufacturer’s adjusted EBIT for 2022 stands at $510 million, some $135 million more than their expected 2022 guidance of $375 million.


Alongside achieving a very strong revenue margin, Bombardier has well and truly hit the back of the net with their free cash flow ending at $735 million for 2022, which is a significant $220 million increase over their expected 2022 guidance of $515 million.

Bombardier’s cash flow from operating activities landed at $1,070 million for the year-end, as well as net additions to PP&E and intangible assets, which stood at $335 million.

In terms of Bombardier’s liquidity position, the manufacturer ended 2022 with an adjusted liquidity of $1.7 billion, or an adjusted liquidity including cash and cash equivalents of $1.3 billion.

On top of their adjusted liquidity position, Bombardier also holds restricted cash supporting various bank guarantees of $0.4 billion.

Their full 2022 financial year results will be released by the manufacturer on February 9, 2023, following the completion of the auditing of their yearly finances.


Bombardier has had quite a strong year, exceeding their expected aircraft deliveries, as well as achieving a much higher revenue from additional sales with the need for additional financial support.

Of course, these finances are currently unaudited until their full publication in February and are subject to change, however, just the figures alone certainly leave a good impression of how well the manufacturer has done last year.

It will be interesting to see their full results for 2022 on February 9 once everything has been fully audited, as well as hear about their expectations and set guidance for 2023 with where the manufacturer wants this year to end.

Regardless of where they currently stand, 2023 for many airports, manufacturers, and airlines is set to be linking arms with 2019 prior to the pandemic, outlining the global aviation industry’s recovery and returning back to growth.

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