Bombardier Announces Leadership Changes

A Bombardier 8000 in flight for NetJets aircraft charter.
Photo Credit: Bombardier

LONDONCanadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier has announced a leadership team evolution that addresses the growing challenges of the aviation market. The team will also have an ethos to execute a long-term sustained growth trajectory for Bombardier.

CEO Eric Martel emphasises the need to focus on the key fields of defence, services, continuous product improvement and next-generation manufacturing practices.

The new appointments

Jean-Christopher Gallagher has been appointed as Executive Vice President, Aircraft Sales and Bombardier Defense. Within this role, Gallagher will oversee all of the company’s fast-growing defence products and look for opportunities around the world.

Moreover, he will also manage the sales team which is managed by Peter Likoray, Senior Vice President, of New Aircraft Sales. Peter has also achieved spectacular milestones, as Bombardier under his leadership has grown its backlog, and order books and cemented meaningful relationships around the world. 

Paul Sislian has been appointed Executive Vice President of Bombardier Aftermarket Services & Strategy.

Paul spent 15 years leading and constantly innovating the company’s business jet manufacturing floor and its processes, and will not be given the chance to provide better after-market services for clients globally.

2022 was a great year for Bombardier’s after-market services as it witnessed multiple inaugurations of facilities around the world. 

David Murray comes in as Executive Vice President, Manufacturing, IT and Bombardier Operational Excellence System. David will be overseeing the aero parts and structures, assembly, and completion. The role is very crucial in driving the company’s initiative in utilising digital technologies. 

Bombardier has created a new role of Executive Vice President, Programs and Supply Chain which will be led by Eric Fillion. Filion will manage relationships between Bombardier and its suppliers to ensure components, and spare parts are delivered on time for its production. 

Prior to this position, Fillon oversaw the Challenger aircraft production floor. 

Lastly, Michel Ouellette will head the Engineering and Product Development. He has been working for Bombardier for over 3 decades and witnessed meaningful moments for the company, including the certification of the Global 7500 and the launching of the Global 8000 jet at EBACE 2022.

Michel is set to retire in June this year. 

Eric Martel stated about Michel’s departure: “Michel’s contributions to Bombardier can certainly be enumerated at great length, and their positive and lasting impact on our people, our products and our company is simply immeasurable.”

“On behalf of everyone at Bombardier whose lives Michel has touched, I want to sincerely thank him for his leadership and passion—and wish him all the best in his next chapter. I also look forward to continuing collaborating in the months ahead, as we press forward with exciting projects.”

Eric Martel, Bombardier’s top man is confident that his pick will allow Bombardier to become more competitive, saying: “Bombardier has successfully embarked on its journey as a company focused on its world-class business jet portfolio.”

“As we continue to meet or exceed targets, it is the right time to thoughtfully reshape key leadership functions to ensure the solid foundation we have set fully carries our momentum well into the future.”

In an ever-growing competitive environment, Eric Martel saw that this is the right opportunity to ‘reshuffle’ his top management team. As aviation is picking up very rapidly if not already starting to plateau from the post-Covid growth, this is the right time.

He added optimistically: “Our leadership team members are talented and have delivered on commitments time and again these past years, and this new alignment will further build upon the foundations they have successfully set for Bombardier.”

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