Boeing Sheffield factory marks 5 years of service

Exterior of Boeing Sheffield factory.
Photo Credit: Boeing

Boeing [NYSE: BA] is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its Sheffield-based site, the company’s first European manufacturing facility.

Over the past five years, Boeing Sheffield has shipped more than 21,000 UK-made parts supporting the production of the 737 family of aircraft.

First European Facility

This £40 million, 6,200 square meter facility has been a beacon of innovation and growth, playing a pivotal role in Boeing’s global advanced manufacturing ecosystem.

Over the past half-decade, Boeing Sheffield has made significant strides, contributing to the production of the 737 family of airplanes and strengthening the aerospace industry in the United Kingdom.

The staff at the South Yorkshire site employ advanced manufacturing techniques to create trailing edge actuator components for the 737 series. These components are crucial for controlling wing flaps during take-off and landing.

Since its establishment in October 2018, Boeing Sheffield has achieved several key milestones:


Photo Credit: Boeing

Job Creation and Economic Growth

The facility has created more than 100 jobs, contributing to the region’s economic growth and providing valuable employment opportunities.

The significance of this contribution cannot be overstated, as it strengthens the local economy.

Nurturing a Strong Supply Chain

Boeing Sheffield has fostered strong relationships with more than 30 direct and indirect suppliers within 100 miles of the factory.

This collaboration has resulted in a robust regional supply chain network, enhancing the overall efficiency of the aerospace industry.

Investing in Talent

The facility has taken a proactive approach to nurturing talent by training over 30 machining apprentices in partnership with the University of Sheffield AMRC Training Centre, with most of them now being employed at the site.

This investment in the workforce not only supports the local community but also ensures a skilled workforce for the future.

Advancing Technology

Boeing Sheffield has accelerated local investment in South Yorkshire, with a recent joint industry and UK Government investment of £80 million to explore advanced manufacturing technologies in the region.

This holds the promise of driving innovation and enhancing the manufacturing capabilities in the area.

Boeing History in Sheffield

Boeing’s longstanding history in Sheffield dates back to 2001 when it co-founded the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC).

This research and innovation hub played a pivotal role in the decision to establish Boeing’s first European manufacturing site in Sheffield.

The AMRC now supports over 520 jobs and contributes more than £55 million annually to the South Yorkshire economy.

Steve Foxley, CEO of the University of Sheffield AMRC, acknowledges Boeing’s integral role: “Boeing has been a crucial part of the AMRC since the beginning and as our founding partner is forever woven into the AMRC’s story of success.”

“Their trust in us to help them innovate, create improved step changes to their assembly line, save time and money, alongside building up its skills offer to create engineers of the future through the University of Sheffield AMRC Training Centre, has been a privilege and a pleasure.”

COMPASS: Advancing Manufacturing Capabilities

The joint investment of £80 million in advanced manufacturing in South Yorkshire, known as “composites at speed and scale” (COMPASS), was announced by the UK Government in collaboration with the AMRC, Loop Technology, and Spirit AeroSystems.

This significant investment not only creates jobs but also advances production capabilities, making South Yorkshire a hub of cutting-edge manufacturing in the aerospace sector.

South Yorkshire plays a pivotal role in Boeing’s commitment to drive forward sustainable aviation. In 2022, Boeing became the founding member of the University of Sheffield’s Energy Innovation Centre (EIC).

Through the Centre, it is leading the way in developing and bringing sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) to the market.

Fostering Innovation

Boeing’s Sheffield-based Research and Technology (BR&T) team collaborates closely with the local supply chain and academia. Their research focuses on advanced technologies such as additive manufacturing, with the goal of increasing efficiency and fostering innovation throughout the aerospace supply chain.

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