Boeing Share Price Plummets Following 737 MAX 9 Woes

Boeing Share Price Plummets Following 737 MAX 9 Woes
Photo Credit: Boeing.

As the trading day comes to an end on the New York Stock Exchange, the share price at Boeing (NYSE: BA) has nosedived following last weekend’s incident with the 737 MAX 9.

For those that missed it, a exit door separated from Alaska Airlines flight AS1282, which caused the temporary grounding of 171 aircraft, whilst inspections take place due to a faulty door plug.

In the last hour, The Air Current has confirmed that United Airlines have experienced the same issue as Alaska Airlines, although this was luckily caught after the groundings took place.

Boeing Share Price Plummets Following 737 MAX 9 Woes…

Boeing Share Price Plummets Following 737 MAX 9 Woes
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From the close of market last Friday compared to reopening which took place today, Boeing has lost nearly 30 points off it’s value, equating to an 11% drop.

This comes as no surprise due to the significant disruption caused in the industry, predominantly among U.S carriers like Alaska Airlines & United Airlines.

Such volatility is also down to the fact that once again, quality issues have affected the American planemaker again after a rather successful 2023.

Of course, with this incident, it is unclear whether the FAA will grant the exemption to Boeing regarding the MAX 7 and the engine anti-ice failures.

All eyes will now be on safety and ensuring that no more problems arise with the 737 MAX program, particularly in the context of getting the 10 and the 7 certified too.

Boeing has in the meantime issued instructions on such inspections, with the hope that these aircraft will be back in service as soon as possible.

But for now, all eyes are on what happens next.

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