Boeing CEO Believes “Increased Scrutiny Will Make us Better”

Boeing CEO Believes "Increased Scrutiny Will Make us Better"
Photo Credit: Boeing.

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun released an open letter to his employees today saying that “increased scrutiny will make us better”.

This comes following the release of their fourth-quarter financial results, which AviationSource will be delving into live later today.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Boeing CEO Believes “Increased Scrutiny Will Make us Better”…

Boeing CEO Believes "Increased Scrutiny Will Make us Better"
Photo Credit: Boeing.


The open letter reads:


While we report our fourth-quarter and full-year 2023 results today, my focus remains on the Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 accident and the actions we are taking as a company to strengthen quality at Boeing.

Over the last several weeks I’ve spoken to many of you, and I’ve had tough and direct conversations with our customers, regulators and lawmakers. They are disappointed and we have much to prove to earn our stakeholders’ confidence. There is no message or slogan to do that. It will take transparency and demonstrated action – that starts with each of us along with a commitment to listening to each other and speaking up.

We’ve taken significant steps over the last several years to strengthen our safety and quality processes, but this accident makes it absolutely clear that we have more work to do. To that end, we have announced immediate and comprehensive actions to strengthen quality across our commercial airplanes programs and within our supply chain. In addition, our regulator has shared significant new actions to increase their oversight – which we will fully and transparently support.  

This increased scrutiny – whether from ourselves, from our regulator, or from others – will make us better. As we move forward together, I ask all teammates to use their voices to speak up as we continue to focus on every detail through the lens of safety and quality first.

Our people on the factory floor know what we must do to improve better than anyone. We should all seek their feedback, understand how to help and always encourage any team member who raises issues that need to be addressed. We will go slow, we will not rush the system and we will take our time to do it right.

While we often use this time of year to share or update our financial and operational objectives, now is not the time for that. We will simply focus on every next airplane while doing everything possible to support our customers, follow the lead of our regulator and ensure the highest standard of safety and quality in all that we do. Ultimately – that is what will drive our performance.

As we go about that work, I want to be clear that we still have every confidence in our recovery. I have confidence in you and I have confidence in Boeing. We have a serious challenge in front of us – but I know this team is up to the task.

Thank you,


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