Boeing awarded contract for additional 15 US Air Force KC-46A Tankers

A Boeing KC-46 Pegasus tanker takes off.
Photo Credit: Boeing

Boeing [NYSE: BA] has secured a Lot 10 contract to manufacture an additional 15 KC-46A Pegasus tankers.

Valued at an impressive $2.3 billion, this contract firms Boeing’s initiative in advancing aerial refueling capabilities and further strengthens its partnership with the U.S. Air Force.

Evolving Capacity and Capability

Lynn Fox, vice president and KC-46 program manager at Boeing, expressed appreciation for the ongoing partnership with the U.S. Air Force. Fox highlighted the collaborative effort that allows for the expansion of the KC-46A fleet’s capacity and capability.

She emphasized Boeing’s understanding of the advantages these capabilities provide to warfighters, stating, “In the current global environment, we continue to focus our investments on evolving the aircraft for the changing needs of the mission.”

Boeing’s impact extends beyond the manufacturing floor, with a supplier network comprising approximately 37,000 American workers across more than 650 businesses spanning over 40 U.S. states.

This network plays a crucial role in supporting the combat-proven KC-46A, transforming the role of tankers in the 21st century.

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157th Air Refueling Wing KC-46 elephant walk at Pease Air National Guard Base, New Hampshire.

KC-46A Multi-Mission Capability

The KC-46A Pegasus has earned its reputation as a “game changer” due to its multi-mission capabilities.

Beyond traditional aerial refueling, this tanker excels in cargo and passenger transportation, aeromedical evacuation support, and data connectivity at the tactical edge. Its versatility provides advanced capability advantages for the joint force and allies.

One standout feature of the KC-46A is its ability to transmit and exchange data effectively. This capability enables rapid air mobility, ensuring global reach and facilitating Agile Combat Employment.

As the aviation landscape evolves, the KC-46A remains at the forefront, adapting to meet the dynamic needs of modern missions.

Continuous Upgrades

Boeing’s commitment to excellence is evident in the continuous upgrades to the KC-46A. Earlier this year, the Air Force awarded Boeing a Block 1 upgrade contract, focusing on adding more advanced communications capabilities.

These enhancements aim to boost the aircraft’s data connectivity and situational awareness, further solidifying its position as a cutting-edge aerial platform.

Boeing’s dedication to delivering high-quality tankers is reflected in the 76 KC-46As already delivered to the U.S. Air Force and two to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.

A US Air Force KC-46 Pegasus tanker in flight.
Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force photo by Yasuo Osakabe

These deliveries highlight Boeing’s global reach and commitment to collaborating with international partners to enhance aerial capabilities.

As geopolitical landscapes evolve, the importance of advanced aerial capabilities becomes paramount.

The Lot 10 contract signifies not only a financial milestone but also a strategic step towards securing the future of aerial refueling and multi-mission capabilities.

Nurturing Strategic Alliances

Beyond the KC-46A, Boeing’s collaboration with the U.S. Air Force fosters strategic alliances that strengthen national security.

The mutual understanding of evolving mission needs and the proactive approach to meet these requirements position Boeing as a key player in shaping the future of aerial warfare.

Boeing’s leadership in the aerospace industry is not just about manufacturing aircraft; it’s about setting benchmarks for innovation.

The KC-46A Pegasus exemplifies Boeing’s commitment to pushing boundaries, staying ahead of technological curves, and consistently delivering excellence in the realm of military aviation.

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Boeing [NYSE: BA] has secured a $2.3 billion contract to manufacture an additional 15 KC-46A Pegasus tankers for the US Air Force.
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