Boeing appoints new key senior leaders

Profile photos of two new Boeing executives, Chris Raymond and Brian Moran.
Photo Credits: Boeing

Boeing [NYSE: BA] has announced Chris Raymond as president and chief executive officer of Boeing Global Services (BGS).

Raymond will succeed Stephanie Pope, who was recently named Boeing chief operating officer. Brian Moran has been named Boeing’s chief sustainability officer, succeeding Raymond.

The appointments of the new Boeing key senior leaders are effective Jan. 1, 2024. The two company veterans bring over 55 years of combined Boeing expertise.

Chris Raymond: A Boeing Veteran

Reinforcing its leadership team, Boeing has announced Chris Raymond as the new president and chief executive officer of Boeing Global Services; succeeding the previous incumbent Staphanie Pope.

This executive reshuffle and the appointment of two new Boeing key senior leaders comes as part of Boeing’s commitment to maintaining a strong operational foothold and driving innovation in aerospace services.


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Boeing key senior leaders: Chris Raymond
Boeing announced Chris Raymond as president and chief executive officer of Boeing Global Services (BGS). (Photo: Boeing)

With over 30 years of invaluable expertise within Boeing, Chris Raymond is a seasoned professional poised to lead Boeing Global Services into a new era.

As the former vice president of Sustainability, Strategy, and Corporate Development, Raymond’s track record speaks volumes about his commitment to excellence.

His comprehensive understanding of Boeing’s commercial and government markets positions him as a key player in steering BGS toward continued success.

Key Responsibilities and Focus Areas

As the president and CEO of Boeing Global Services, Raymond will spearhead all facets of the aerospace services business.

This includes providing support to commercial, government, and aviation industry clients globally. With 2022 revenue reaching an impressive $17.6 billion, Raymond’s leadership is expected to drive operational excellence and uphold Boeing’s reputation for delivering on customer commitments.

Nurturing Sustainability: Brian Moran Takes Charge

Simultaneously, Boeing has appointed Brian Moran as its chief sustainability officer, succeeding Chris Raymond.

This move underscores Boeing’s dedication to advancing sustainability efforts within the aerospace industry. Moran, with over 20 years of Boeing service, is well-equipped to lead this critical initiative.

Boeing key senior leaders: Brian Moran
Brian Moran has been named Boeing’s chief sustainability officer, succeeding Raymond. (Photo: Boeing)

Driving Aerospace Sustainability

Based in Boeing’s Amsterdam office, Moran will be responsible for propelling Boeing’s sustainability agenda forward.

This includes prioritizing aerospace sustainability, engaging in stakeholder-oriented reporting, fostering industry-wide partnerships, and ensuring company performance aligns with key sustainability goals.

Moran’s global experience and deep commitment to partners make him a natural fit for this pivotal role.

A Glimpse into Leadership Profiles

Chris Raymond

Chris Raymond’s career journey at Boeing has been nothing short of remarkable. Starting as an engineer, he has seamlessly transitioned through various leadership roles in engineering, supply chain management, program management, strategy, and operations.

His diverse experience positions him as a well-rounded leader capable of steering Boeing Global Services to greater heights.

Brian Moran

Brian Moran’s extensive background in Boeing, spanning roles in commercial and defense businesses, communications, and government affairs, showcases his versatility.

Leading a global team focused on sustainability policy and partnerships, Moran is instrumental in propelling Boeing’s commitment to sustainable aviation fuels and shaping global policy landscapes.

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