ATR ventures into VIP market with new HighLine cabin

Render of ATR HighLine aircraft in flight showing cutaway interior.
Image Credit: ATR

The ATR HighLine is ATR’s new premium aircraft cabin interior, with the best in style and comfort that ATR is offering to its customer. This is a good and economical alternative to the popular airliner corporate jets like the Embraer Lineage, the ACJ family from Airbus, and the BBJ Line-up from Boeing. 

The French manufacturer unveiled on the 6th of June 2023, at the Aircraft Interiors Expo, in Hamburg Germany, where ATR presented the ATR HighLine for its customers which gained attraction for commercial and business operators. 

HighLine cabin configurations

The ATR HighLine is one of the most flexible cabin bundles in the market, offering five main cabin configurations which cover different business and operational needs for airlines to seek flying premium flying experiences for their passengers.

The five configurations are Multi-Class, Premium-Flex, All-Business Class, Multi-Section, and Bespoke VIP. 

Multi-Class: (Above) Features a typical spacious configuration with 50 seat interior and a dedicated first-class section. This is ideal for the United States market, and commuter airliners there. 


Premium-Flex: (Above) This configuration allows any operator to quickly convert standard double seats into a single premium seating, with the manufacturer’s unique X-Space Table design language. This configuration is ideal for the charter of boutique operators, for tourism and corporate purposes. 

All-Business Class: (Above) Speaks for itself, where under this configuration, up to 30 passengers can be accommodated, useful for airlines flying high premium or high yield routes. This configuration could be a benefit in Western Europe. 

Multi-Section: (Above) This configuration is ideal for interiors government usage with the Head of Government and State flying with entourages and the media. The front portion of the cabin is fended off for VIPs, while the back is in a standard 2-2 configuration. 

Bespoke VIP: (Above) This configuration is similar to what one would find in a ‘standard’ configuration on any business jet’s OEM. This is tailor-made for specific individuals or operators’ needs to high-end destinations. We see this market is best suited for Maldives, and tropical resorts and islands. 

    HighLine gives ATR a high edge?

    The ATR is arguably one of the most efficient commercial aircraft in the market. With the ability for the aircraft to be configured into VIP or semi-VIP, this offers a very competitive economical standpoint against large body business liners, like the BBJ, Lineage 1000, and the much-awaited A220s.

    The ATR turboprop burns 45% less fuel and emits 45% less Carbon Dioxide than other jets with the same carrying capacity and operational needs. 

    ATR Head of Business Development, Tarek Ben Omrane, said: “ATR aims to disrupt the regional travel industry from within by creating a superb onboard atmosphere and using the lowest emission technology on the market.”

    “Equipped with the ATR HighLine cabins, our aircraft offer the same cabin size as the largest business jets while cutting carbon emissions in half. We are the only aircraft manufacturer in the world to offer this”.

    The ATR HighLine Bespoke VIP might be a game changer in the category of corporate business liners, against the likes of the A220 and the Lineage 1000 due to its agile size, and its low operating costs.

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