ATR makes a leap forward in aircraft maintenance digitalisation  

A close-up of the fuselage of an ATR 42-600 aircraft
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On April 18, the world’s largest regional commercial aircraft manufacturer ATR inked a new partnership with Swiss-based MRO software company Swiss-AS.

The new agreement will further enhance and improve the digitalization of airline maintenance management. 

A major milestone

With this collaboration in place, it marks a significant milestone as this agreement is a first between a major aircraft manufacturer and an MRO software company.

The two parties are working hard alongside one another to improve and enhance the integration of ATR maintenance data into the AMOS software developed and provided by Swiss-AS themselves to ATR operators globally. 

Compatibility and efficiency

The agreement is set to benefit all parties, but airlines will emerge as the biggest winner. It permits the digitalization of their maintenance management regime in the most streamlined, cost-effective and efficient way.

The software is tailor made to their requirements and operational environment. 

As of now, the compatibility of technical publications provided by the manufacturer into the software solutions is under the responsibility of the operator.

This at times often requires the utilizing of a standalone or isolated system, along with numerous middleware systems to manage data integrity and revisions, which are often inefficient and prone to mistakes. 

Fabiano Faccoli, CEO of Swiss-AS, said: “We are pleased to sign this partnership with ATR. It represents a step further in supporting operators throughout their digital transformation.”

“It makes the most of ATR’s expertise as a manufacturer and Swiss-AS’ proficiency in digital maintenance management. This will help them save both time and money.”

Stefano Marazzani, SVP of Customer Support, and Services at ATR said: “An aircraft is only valuable when it is flying, which is why, over 20 years, ATR has been helping to increase operators’ fleet time and reduce their costs by optimizing maintenance and repair processes.”

“This contributes to making regional air transport more reliable, accessible, and sustainable. Through this joint initiative with Swiss-AS, we continue to innovate and develop solutions through digitalization to better support our customers in managing their in-service fleet including technical and logistic systems.”

“This partnership will integrate our customers’ requirements in terms of maintenance planning and management with an end-to-end approach to evolve our service and support offering.”

About Swiss-AS

The company has 3 decades of excellence, innovation, and professionalism in the fields of IT and aircraft maintenance. The Swiss-based company has become a leader in the arena of MRO software solutions.

Swiss-AS, or Swiss Aviation Software Ltd., is fully owned by Lufthansa Technik, this is also integrated deeply into Lufthansa Digital Tech Ops Ecosystem.

The company was highly profitable from day one and has been highly successful ever since. No systems have been implemented more often and have been more so successful than Swiss-AS over the last five years.

The Swiss-based company has laid out the foundation for a disruptive world in aviation ahead. The company has thoroughly invested in manpower and research and development. 

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