Airbus seeks to recruit 13,000 in 2023

Airbus' Tianjin Factory Delivers First Aircraft
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Airbus is set to recruit over 13,000 individuals worldwide in 2023, offering numerous job opportunities for aerospace enthusiasts.

Despite the challenges posed by the current labor market, more than 7,000 positions have already been filled. The company’s focus on attracting top talents aligns with its production ramp-up and ambitious decarbonization goals.

Thierry Baril, Chief Human Resources & Workplace Officer of Airbus, expressed satisfaction with the recruitment progress and the company’s continued appeal.

Baril stated, “Our recruitment efforts are paying off and will continue to support our production ramp-up and company transformation.”

“We are dedicated to attracting, training, and developing the best diverse talents in our company to help shape the future of sustainable aerospace.”

A range of job opportunities

Airbus offers a wide range of job opportunities, spanning manufacturing, engineering, and various activities supporting the company’s long-term objectives.

This includes cybersecurity, software engineering, and advancements in propulsion technologies such as hydrogen, cryogenics, and fuel cells.

A significant portion of the recruitment drive will be directed towards recent graduates, as Airbus recognizes the value of fresh talent.

In line with this objective, Airbus has extended its partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology for another 5 years through the Airbus Academic Program. This program encompasses selected top 15 universities and schools worldwide.

Expanded academic collaborations

Moreover, in 2023, Airbus has expanded its academic collaborations by forming partnerships with 42 business schools and universities globally.

Notably, agreements with CEMS and UNITECH aim to foster synergies in the aeronautical sector and contribute to the development of the next generation of aerospace professionals.

With a current workforce of over 134,000 employees worldwide, Airbus has garnered recognition for its exemplary people management and HR policies.

In 2023, the company received the prestigious Top Employers certification in Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific region from the Top Employers Institute, an independent global authority in recognizing excellence in these areas.

Ramping up production

Airbus is planning to ramp up its production of commercial airliners this year. In 2022, Airbus produced 661 commercial aircraft, an increase of 8% from 2021.

The company has a backlog of 7,239 aircraft, which is the highest in its history. Airbus plans to increase production of its A320 family of aircraft to 65 per month by early 2024.

This would be a significant increase from the current production rate of 45 per month.

The decision to ramp up production is being driven by strong demand for commercial aircraft. The global airline industry is expected to grow by 4.4% per year over the next 20 years.

This growth is being driven by factors such as rising incomes, urbanization, and the increasing popularity of air travel.


Airbus is actively seeking talented individuals to join the thriving aerospace sector. The company’s commitment to sustainable aerospace, production ramp-up, and decarbonization opens up exciting opportunities for aspiring professionals.

By attracting and developing diverse talents, Airbus is poised to shape the future of the industry. If you are passionate about aviation and eager to contribute to a global leader in the field, explore the job openings at Airbus and embark on a rewarding career in the world of sustainable aerospace.

The manufacturers plans to boost its workforce will no doubt be further buoyed by its commercial sales successes this week at the Paris Air Show.

By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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