Airbus joins move towards Advanced Air Mobility

An Airbus LCI eVTOL aircraft
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Aircraft manufacturer Airbus and LCI, a leading aviation company, have joined forces in an exciting collaboration agreement aimed at advancing the field of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM).

This collaboration marks a significant point in the industry, highlighting a concerted effort towards innovation and sustainable transportation solutions.

AAM and the Agreement

The collaboration between Airbus and LCI will revolve around the development of ecosystems for AAM, focusing primarily on strategy, commercialization, and financing.

This comprehensive approach underscores the commitment of both companies to address various aspects of AAM and drive its evolution.

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) refers to the use of innovative aviation technologies to provide efficient, sustainable, and scalable transportation solutions. This includes urban air mobility and electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

As a rapidly evolving new aviation sector, AAM holds immense promise for revolutionizing transportation.

By combining their expertise and resources, Airbus and LCI aim to accelerate the development and adoption of AAM solutions, paving the way for a more efficient, sustainable, and scalable future.

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Statements from Stakeholders

Balkiz Sarihan, CEO and Head of Urban Air Mobility at Airbus, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting LCI’s unique positioning and expertise in the aviation sector.

According to Sarihan, the partnership with LCI will facilitate the co-creation of next-generation AAM ecosystems and contribute to Airbus’ decarbonization roadmap.

Jaspal Jandu, CEO of LCI, echoed Sarihan’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of efficiency, sustainability, and scalability in transportation networks.

Additionally, Jandu highlighted the holistic approach adopted by both companies towards AAM. This encompasses vehicles, infrastructure, financing, and network adoption.

Focus Areas of Collaboration

The collaboration will encompass various focus areas, including market perspectives and forecasts development, industry research, and data analytics utilization.

With both partners committed to supporting the development of new AAM solutions, they will evaluate innovative commercial structures to drive market growth.

Role of LCI as a Financial Partner

LCI will play a crucial role as a financial partner for Airbus’ AAM projects, including mission types like emergency medical services.

Leveraging its extensive network, LCI aims to facilitate global uptake and acceptance of AAM solutions. To achieve this it will explore innovative leasing and finance solutions for potential customers.

Progress Update on CityAirbus NextGen

Airbus has already made significant strides in advancing AAM technology. The manufacturer has seen the completion of its CityAirbus NextGen assembly and successful power-on tests.

The next phase will involve rigorous testing, utilizing Airbus’ state-of-the-art AAM test center in Donauwörth, Germany.

In addition to its technological advancements, Airbus is expanding its global network and partnerships. This aims to create a robust ecosystem for AAM.

This collaborative approach will foster a successful and viable AAM market, driving innovation and addressing the evolving needs of the aviation industry.


The collaboration between Airbus and LCI represents a significant step forward in the development of Advanced Air Mobility.

By pooling their expertise and resources, both companies are poised to drive innovation in the future of transportation.

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Aircraft manufacturer Airbus and LCI, a leading aviation company, have joined forces in a collaboration agreement to further Advanced Air Mobility (AAM).
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