XE Jet ERJ-145 Runway Excursion in Lagos

Photo Credit: XE Jet

On May 11th, 2024, an XE Jet Embraer ERJ-145 aircraft operating for NG Eagle Airlines veered off runway 18L upon landing at Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos, Nigeria.

XE Jet flight 2N902 was operating from Abuja to Lagos when the landing incident occurred. The regional jet was conducting the flight with 49 passengers and three crew members aboard.

XE Jet 2N902 Abuja-Lagos

Video Credit: mamanaviainitiative via Instagram

Following its landing on RWY 18L at Murtala Muhammed Airport (LOS), the aircraft suffered a runway excursion. As a result, the jet came to a stop on all soft grass towards the threshold of RWY36R.

Flight crew conducted an engine shutdown and directed an emergency disembarkation. According to a subsequent NSIB report, damage was sustained to the aircraft’s nose landing gear and both of its main landing gear tyres.

The incident occurred at approximately 12:29 PM local time. There were no reported injuries or casualties among the passengers and crew onboard. The exact cause of the runway excursion is still under investigation.

XE Jet Limited confirmed the incident in a statement, while NG Eagle Airlines has yet to release an official comment.

Embraer ERJ-145 5N-BZZ

The Embraer E145 is a twin-engine jet airliner commonly used for regional flights. The aircraft operating the flight 2N902 service from Abuja was an Embraer ERJ-145, registered 5N-BZZ. This is a 19.7-year old regional twin jet aircraft belonging to the carrier XE Jet.

The aircraft has been in service with the operator since July 2023. It has passed through the hands of several operators since its initial delivery in September 2004.

Lagos Murtala Muhammed Airport

Murtala Muhammed Airport (LOS) is the busiest airport in Nigeria. It serves as a major hub for domestic and international travel.

The airport authorities are cooperating with investigators to determine the cause of the incident and ensure continued safety operations.

Last month, a a Dana Air McDonnell Douglas MD-82 was involved in a runway excursion at LOS, resulting in a nosegear collapse.

Investigation and Next Steps

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) will now lead the investigation into the runway excursion.

The investigation will aim to identify the cause of the incident and implement any necessary safety measures to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

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