Virgin Flight To Montego Bay U-Turns to London With Problem

Alan Wilson from Stilton, Peterborough, Cambs, UK, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

It has emerged that a Virgin Atlantic flight bound for Montego Bay u-turned back to London Heathrow due to a problem onboard the aircraft.

Incident: Virgin Flight To Montego Bay U-Turns to London With Problem…

Virgin Flight To Montego Bay U-Turns to London With Problem
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Virgin Atlantic flight VS165 is a routine scheduled flight between London Heathrow and Montego Bay, with the affected rotation being operated by G-VBOW.

As per data from, G-VBOW is a 6.8 year old Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner that was delivered to the carrier back in March 2017.

Of the 787-9 variant, the UK carrier has 17 of them in the fleet, of which 16 are in active service and one is currently parked, offering an average fleet age of 7.9 years.

Virgin Atlantic flight VS165 departed London Heathrow at 0926 local time this morning and proceeded in a westerly direction towards Montego Bay.

Upon reaching the Plymouth area, the aircraft made a u-turn and proceeded to return back to Heathrow. It is key to note that the aircraft did not declare an emergency at any point during this process.

VS165 was able to land back into it’s origin airfield safely after around an hour or so of flight time.

As per @FlightEmergency on X, it is understood that the crew onboard the Virgin Atlantic flight to Montego Bay received an error message in the flight deck.

They decided to return back to London Heathrow as a precautionary measure despite them believing the error message was fine, highlighting the attention to detail that crew take when it comes to safety.

It is understood VS165 will now depart at 1430 local time today and continue on to it’s destination as planned with a delay.

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