Virgin Atlantic Flight to Bridgetown U-Turns Back to London

Virgin Atlantic Flight to Bridgetown U-Turns Back to London
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Virgin Atlantic flight VIR187Q out of London Heathrow bound for Bridgetown, Barbados has made a turnaround and is currently on return to LHR.

A Virgin Atlantic flight out of London for Bridgetown, Barbados have made a turnaround after departure and is currently negotiating a return to London.

Virgin Atlantic flight VIR187Q, an Airbus A330 operating a long-haul service from London Heathrow (LHR) to Bridgetown Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI) initiated a diversion during the oceanic crossing and is currently on return to LHR.

Virgin Atlantic VIR187Q London – Bridgetown

Virgin Atlantic Flight to Bridgetown U-Turns Back to London

Diversion and return London LHR

Flight VIR187Q currently in the London Flight Information Region and negotiating its return to LHR. The nature of the problem prompting the flight’s return is not known at this stage.

Virgin Atlantic Flight to Bridgetown U-Turns Back to London

Update 15:40 UTC

Weather for the flight’s return is Visual Meteorological Conditions (VFR) with light winds and visibility 10 kilometres or more.

The flight has not declared a formal emergency and has made its return under normal flight procedures this afternoon.

Update 15:50 UTC

Flight now landed and clear LHR RWY09. The aircraft conducting this afternoon’s long haul service was an Airbus A330-300 registered G-VRAY; an 11-year old widebody aircraft belonging to the carrier Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Flight data shows VIR187Q made an on-time departure from LHR today; showing an actual time of departure of 09:55 UTC.

The flight then set course normally for the overwater crossing; climbing to flight level FL370 (37,000 feet), before initiating the return to the north of Ponta Delgarda at approximately 12:30 UTC.

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