Virgin Atlantic 787 to San Francisco is Returning to London

Virgin Atlantic 787 to San Francisco is Returning to London
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A Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787 bound for San Francisco has u-turned over Icelandic airspace and is returning back to London Heathrow.

It is understood the flight is returning due to a cracked windscreen, as per @FlightEmergency on X!

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Live Updates: Virgin Atlantic VS41 to San Francisco Returns to London…

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4 weeks ago27/05/24


Welcome to our coverage of this u-turn.

Updates will follow in the next few minutes.

4 weeks ago27/05/24

About G-VCRU: The Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787 Operating London-San Francisco…

Virgin Atlantic flight VS41 London to San Francisco is being operated by G-VCRU.

As per data from Planespotters, G-VCRU is a 8.8 year old Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner that was delivered to the airline in September 2015.

Furthermore, of the 787-9 variant, VS has 17 of them.

Moreover, of that 17, all but one are in active service, with an average fleet age of 8.3 years.

4 weeks ago27/05/24

Over Iceland…

Virgin Atlantic 787 to San Francisco is Returning to London

VS41 continues to track through Iceland as the return back to LHR is in full effect.

At this time, the aircraft has not declared an emergency, indicating that the issue is under control for now.

4 weeks ago27/05/24

A Long London-London Flight…

With the aircraft returning back to London Heathrow, it is quite the long flight to do flying. Furthermore, the aircraft has already been in the air over three and a half hours and could very well have a flight time of five hours after arrival into LHR.

4 weeks ago27/05/24

Edging Closer to UK Airspace…

Virgin Atlantic flight VS41 London-San Francisco is edging closer to the UK following the decision to u-turn back to LHR amid a cracked windscreen.

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