Vietnam Airlines A321 Suffers Cracked Windshield in Hanoi

Vietnam Airlines A321 Suffers Cracked Windshield in Hanoi
lasta29, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Last Sunday (May 19), a Vietnam Airlines Airbus A321 suffered a cracked windshield not long after departure from Hanoi.

More information has been released regarding the incident in the Vietnamese city.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Vietnam Airlines VN1207 – Hanoi to Can Tho…

Vietnam Airlines A321 Suffers Cracked Windshield in Hanoi
Data provided by
Vietnam Airlines A321 Suffers Cracked Windshield in Hanoi
Photo Credit: Windmemories via Wikimedia Commons.

Vietnam Airlines flight VN1207 is a routine scheduled flight between Hanoi and Can Tho.

The aircraft involved in the incident was VN-A605.

As per data from, VN-A605 is a 10.9 year old Airbus A321 that was delivered to the airline in August 2013.

Furthermore, of the A321ceo variant, Vietnam Airlines has 42 of them in the fleet.

Of that 42, just one is currently parked, offering an average fleet age of 12.1 years.

VN1207 departed Hanoi at 1700 local time on May 19 and initially climbed out towards Can Tho.

As per The Aviation Herald, when the aircraft was at FL170, the right hand windshield cracked.

Furthermore, this prompted a stop in the climb and a subsequent return back to the departure field.

After less than an hour in the air, the aircraft landed safely back into Hanoi without further incident.

Aircraft Grounded Overnight… via Wikimedia Commons.

Data from RadarBox shows that VN-A605, the Vietnam Airlines Airbus A321, was grounded overnight in Hanoi.

The next day, following a replacement windshield being installed, the aircraft operated the VN185 rotation to Da Nang.

Since then, the aircraft has been operating commercial flights normally, with no further incidents.

The aircraft has operated over 30 flights since the incident with no issues.

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